Long Way Home” is a beautiful inspiring track born out from heart-breaking struggle and feelings of being lost. A reconnection with oneself, an exciting ballad, a heart-warming hug, delivered by the amazing The Oxford Drive Band.

Every song, and every band has their story. Most of them start early, while at their teens or 20’s. The Oxford Drive Band stands out by being composed of mostly women in their 40’s. But it is not the age what matters, is what they’ve endured. From terrible accidents and illnesses, to terrible losses, these people came together thanks to their love for music, and its therapeutic, healing, reconnecting power.

“Long Way Home” is their new single (for now, only on Soundcloud). A low-paced, acoustic song with a beautiful chord progression and an outstanding bass line, of course the drums play a very important part too. Every single element of the band had previous musical experiences when they were younger, some are more seasoned that others, and its Marian Godwin, the singer, the one who finishes to unite them all.

“I was 43 years old when I started singing in rock and roll bands when many were leaving bands.” – Marian Godwin

Marian’s story is so moving and inspirational that it would shatter anyone’s heart. She had to endure so much just to be where she is. Music was the foundational stone that kept her together and led her to seek others who shared and felt the same. Of course, she found them, and The Oxford Drive Band came to be.

My husband got in a terrible car accident and life started changing in all these unimaginable ways.
Music became my sanctuary my therapist and a way to express what I could not do in just words alone

They make music not for fame or money, but because music has helped them so much and want to share the same with others. You can hear in the track all of their energy, all of their stories: their pain, their struggle, their losses, all within a single song. I found that amazing. And still move you in so many ways that makes you change your perception of what music is for.

I think first and foremost I think of myself not necessarily as a women artist but as a human trying to connect with myself through music. A shared journey through music is something so much bigger than myself and because music is truly the universal language how powerful that is to create something that can allow for human connection in a deep way in an often disconnected world.” – Marian Godwin

One bandmate has a life-threatening disease and another MS and so when they play, they do so with more abandon, more here and now, more joy, and gratitude that they have survived so much, getting to continue to tell their stories through their music for however long…

and if we touch some people along the way how much sweeter that is.” – Marian Godwin

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