Martin Reynolds- “I’ll Crawl”

Humanity can persevere even in the direst circumstances. We can adapt to go beyond each obstacle. This is just what Martin Reynolds’ newest single is all about. Inspired by recent events and by the thoughts and personality of Martin Luther King Jr., “I’ll Crawl” is an uplifting single that recognizes this ability. It is an ode to humanity, to history and the struggle to keep moving forward.

Martin Reynolds started his music career as the drummer of the Tamworth-based duo You Dirty Blue. He decided to branch out as a singer-songwriter when lockdown struck and began to record his work at Silky Studios which, unfortunately, had to close its doors due to the global pandemic. His debut album Where There’s Hope and previous single “The Sky Aint The Limit” were met with positive reception due to its optimistic outlook and honest lyrics. “I’ll Crawl” follows the same track. It was composed, performed, mixed and mastered entirely by Reynolds.

“I’ll Crawl” is a song about not giving up on one’s own convictions. It is a lighthearted pop folk song which lyrics are not afraid of honesty inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.. Reynolds uses his guitar and his vocals to express the hope and perseverance humanity experiments in difficult situations. “If I can’t fly, then I’ll run/ If I can’t run, then I’ll walk/ If I can’t walk, then I’ll crawl”. It is a song about choosing one’s path that lines with their convictions, and never looking back. Reynolds effortlessly manages to make his guitar harmonize perfectly with his vocals and the lyrics, as it sings along with him. It serves as a reminder that we are never alone, even in the hardest times.

Martin Reynolds has been writing optimistic, emotional, and powerful songs since his first array as a singer-songwriter. He has proven his talent as a lyricist with his lyrics whose powerful images infect us with optimism, and as a musician with his expressive instrumentation. “I’ll Crawl” is a single that should not be missed!

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