Ok guys, it’s time to get real. Today we bring to you a very, VERY special article to help promote this 5 track EP created in collaboration by some of our favorite new Indie bands out there. New Indie For Ukraine aims to gather as much money as possible to support Red Cross Ukraine Appeal and will be available for a week only.

It’s times like this when I’m really proud of doing what I do, being both a musician and a writer. The power that music holds and the ability to unite never ceases to amaze me. Today, March 31st, these amazing bands have come up with a beautiful idea and I’m really honored to help them achieve their goal.

9′ O Clock Nasty and I Am The Unicorn Head are both bands who I’ve written for that I admire and respect so much, but today they’ve gained my total appreciation. I haven’t had the delight to write for the other three (Avresa, The Margaret Hooligans, and Golden Plates), but to you I say: Cheers guys, you are fucking awesome.

This limited edition EP will be available here since today until April 8th, and it includes a fantastic collection of rare tracks that will NEVER see the light of day again. So please, get your copy. The artists are giving the EP for a minimum donation of $5 (or pounds) but hope that the fans are much more generous.

The EP includes:

1.- I Am The Unicorn Head (UK/US) – “Putin Is A Bitch”. Enough said.

2.- The Margaret Hooligans (US). “Philadelphia’s very own creators of garage rock, Proto-Punk, Funk, and soul to create a swirl of sloppy transcendence” have given us an unreleased classic from their first recording session “Don’t Smile At My Wallet”.

3.- 9 o’clock Nasty (UK) offer their cover version of the I Am The Unicorn Head single Omnipresent. It’s great, no surprises there.

4.- Golden Plates – Pictures of You. A beautiful cover of The Cure’s classic.

5.- Avresa – “First Moment”. A beautiful piano composition that reminds us what peace sounds like.

Remember, the EP will be available for a very limited time, so we extremely encourage you to get yourself a copy and support the cause. That’s it guys, thank you so much for your attention and we hope you enjoy the EP. Also, we wish well being to all of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.

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