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April 02 2022.

Hey, welcome dear friend to you favorite blog, we’re starting the 2Q of this 2022, and we have some great albums for you in this Week 13 round up of 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to. I’m sure you’re going to be delighted just like I am with this extraordinary talents that I’m about to introduced you.

Remember that most of these albums are recently released (and important to say that you always can take a look back at our previous week recommendations here).


1- Mail WättringSongs Of Wounds and Healing”  In her own words “Some may find it strange that I completely change genre, instrument and expression on this record, but for me this is the next natural step on my creative path,” Wättring says. The songs on the new record have developed organically over a 10-year period, in parallel with the jazz music she has been playing and composing. The lyrics are deeply personal but at the same time universal and deal with topics such as forgiveness and reconciliation, the longing for honesty and the dilemma of both wanting to have and to let go of control. “The songs means a lot to me and in recent years I have felt a longing to share it with others.”

2.- Screaming Bones It’ll All Come In Time The hypnotic and psychedelic music of Screaming Bones is a one-man project of Mike Ludwig, who records all the sounds in his bedroom studio on a four-track recorder and looper. This album has been developing since the end of last year. All the sounds are created by Ludwig while the final finishing has been done by Patrick Burkholder of Zenmix Recordings.

This artist believes in the healing powers of music for himself and for others. The latest album helped the musician battle his depression and burnout. It was painful to make at times when depression killed all creativity, but in the end, the music always won. Screaming Bones is a sonic journey into the headspace of the listeners.

“It’ll All Come In Time” is Mike Ludwig’s passion project since it grows from a place of both professional love for musical masterpieces as well as a place of deeply troubling times. As Ludwig says himself “Making music is like painting, you generate a musical canvas, on which you paint your emotions, one after another. Finding your own sound is a journey that never ends. Try to explore, experiment, don’t get restrained by too much theory.”

3.- Austel  “(aka Devon-born London-based artist and producer Annie Rew Shaw) reworks her EPs ‘Unfold’ and ‘Cold Love’ into intimate, ethereal piano versions on new album, ‘Feathers’.

Influenced by the ambient textures of Jon Hopkins, brooding piano ballads of Nick Cave, and subtly powerful compositions of Olafur Arnalds, ‘Feathers’ flows as a seamless body of work. The otherworldly atmospherics and layers of piano and strings are laced with soporific substance, forming a hypnotic soundscape.

Front and centre is Austel’s vocal: unguarded and intimate, but still possessing a dynamic power and depth. The songs are laced with her signature ghostly backing vocals drenched in reverb, contributing to the ‘haunting’ nature of her work.”

4.- Oli Spleen Still Life   Brighton-based songwriter releases an album of Songs Depicting How Life Endures in The Shadow of Death.

Some of the themes within express global concerns, depicting the balancing forces of nature, the environment, displaced people, fears around climate change and mass extinction of species. Other themes are more personal, ranging from our own mortality, terminal illness, the grief of seeing a loved one slip away from us, and the general anxieties of life in these unpredictable times.

5- Rumara  Rumara EP  Our four-track debut EP is an embrace of extremes and an exploration of a divided self, capturing conflicting feelings through cinematic strings, rich electronic soundscapes and vocals that are powerful and fragile by turns. Encompassing themes of pleasure, power, guilt, freedom and obsession, this record seeks to uncover what lies beneath the layers of emotional armour that we all wear every day.

6.-  Ornoise means the noise of Orfeo. Belgian producer of electronic music, after some EP in melodic techno (Blackbeard records, Mojoheads records) he decides to explore other sides of electronic music. Electronica, downtempo, deep , breaks drums are the elements of Ornoise but always with melody. Anima, second E.P is an daily electro trip between electro-soul, cinematic atmosphere and techno.

7- Champion Motorist Emperors It’s a little heavier and more dense than Champion Motorist’s last release yet it has a quite sparse and cinematic effort breaking things up in the #2 slot – the track ‘Subtitled’ was actually constructed remotely while both members were unable to work together in person. The band is already back in the studio working on a new single due in May ’22…

8.- Sugartinis a new synth pop duo from Stuttgart on the Exlove records imprint. Iris and Daniel Varga are kicking off with a wonderful dreamy three-track EP named “25”.

Iris is responsible for the lyrics and the melodies for the band and sings the songs in her own soft manner. She sings in german, english and french. She is also part of the „Der wunderbare Frauenchor“ by Ines Martinez.

Daniel who is a member of the band Rework writes the songs on his beloved Telecaster, the Roland JX-3P synth and an old Squier JV Jazz Bass.

The EP is about early love, silly dreams and wasted opportunities. The songs can be described as softy-pop with beautiful melodies with much reverb and a little vocoder action.

9.- Liedogs, “The name “To Split The Sea In Two” was created as a metaphor for experiencing moments when interference (the “Sea) is “Split in Two” to create a passageway between consciousness and subconsciousness. Some of these moments and more deep themed ideas are developed throughout the songs. Each song has an individual message leaving listeners to find their own meaning. The meaning is further expressed through Lithuanian artist Monika Furmana, whose art helped to visualize and portray the album’s concept”.

I hope not only you can enjoy these tracks but also support these bands streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can find in the Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers, Fresh Singles, Indie Only, Alterindie State of Mind, Female Rising Stars, 12 New Songs This Week, Sickest & Dopest, and of course Long, Long, Long Songs

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up:

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