Fluttering, flickering, lush, acoustic, mystic mellowness. With an unusual approach, Hybrid Kid takes us on a mind-bending trip of Sci-Fi qualities. Unorthodox and original, “Change Your Mind” is a brilliant track that rises from the noise with good impact and unique style.

We are kicking off this week just right, my friends. With today’s single we are sure you’ll be delighted. This Garage Rock Power Trio is said to made up from the most regular guys you could ever want to meet, but their exploits are far from ordinary!

Brighton, UK based, Hybrid Kid was created by Danny (guitar/vocals), Tim (bass), and Fabio (drums). A Holy Trinity of musicians that seek none but the extraordinary with avant-garde compositions. With appearances on Brighton’s Latest TV, The Roadee, airplay on BBC 6Music, BBC Sussex, Radio Reverb and many college radio stations, the trio is consistency building an underground cult of followers.

The guitar work in “Change Your Mind” is pretty unique, pushing far aside from any commercial genre out there. A broad imagination encompasses its whole structure, mixing acoustic elements with strong drums and layers of the most enigmatic synths lurking in the background. The whole song has a huge Sci-Fi vibe but also a mellow and pleasantly refreshing aura. Out-standing work.

I had a quick chat with Hybrid Kid so we can get a little insight into what they’re all about. You can read it here, only in Less Than 1000…

1.- Your music is very unique, could you tell us a bit more about your influences?

I started out into some prog , early Genesis, Pink Floyd, Led Zep then got into a lot of 90s bands like Pavement, Radiohead, Grandaddy and more recently into odd stuff like Black Country New Road

2.- Please tell us more about the background of the lyrics. 

I think I was trying to write a hippy love song but got a little confused along the way

3.- How would you describe your music?

Garage Rock with some proggy clever bits thrown in

4.- Can we expect another album release soon?

We have an album made up of all the singles we’ve been putting out recently, just trying to figure out how you do the marketing so it doesn’t bomb.  Then hopefully in the studio again soon to do 4 new songs

5.- Anything else you’d like to add. (upcoming gigs, a message to new listeners and fans, etc.)

Come see us live, we’re smokin hot right now.  The last few gigs have been really exciting.  20/4 the Brunswick, 22/4 the Bugle, 13/5 the Brunswick

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