S J Denney- “All I’ve Ever Known”

Today’s featured single is about recognizing that not everything in life can be done alone. S J Denney’s newest release “All I’ve Ever Known” is a deep reflection about how loneliness can impact our worldview. There comes a time in life when we realize that we are indeed not alone. But we have grown so accostumed to our own lonliness, that it becomes difficult to accept new people into our lives. “All I’ve Ever Known” is a single about melancholy, loneliness, and ultimately, opening oneself to others.

S J Denney is a singer-songwriter based on Essex in the United Kingdom. When he was young, he would meet what would become his most important influences: Neil Young and The Beatles. He grew further in love with music when he learned how to play clarinet at a young age. Then, he decided to follow his idols’ footsteps and thaught himself how to play guitar, taking the first steps towards his professional musical career. S J Denney has played in various bands apart from his solo work. “All I’ve Ever Known” was written, produced and arranged by S J Denney, mixed by Matt Leppanen at The Animal Farm and mastered by Nigel Palmer at Lowland Masters.

“All I’ve Ever Known” is a mixture of folk and country music. S J Denney creates an atmosphere heavily based on guitars and choirs whose combination presents a melancholic mood that reflect the personal themes of the track. As Denney sings what appears to be a confession, the instruments and the backing vocals grow somber, while at the same time giving the images of the lyrics a chance to shine and breathe. But as the track goes along, we recognize a ray of hope that takes our hands and makes us realize that we are not alone. A harmonica solo masterfully closes of the track, tying all the things together.

“All I’ve Ever Known” is about loneliness and companionship at the same time. While it may be difficult to open oneself to others, S J Denney invites us to overcome this obstacle, open our eyes and realize that we were never alone.

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