Electrifying, dazzling, exciting and inspiring, all of this and more is what Oh My God! It’s The Church’s new EP is all about. A marvelous collection of top-notch tracks that stand out with a sinister, quite welcoming spirit that possess you right from the start!

Today’s the day my friends, OMGITC have finally released their brand new EP “Revelations” and it’s no less than extraordinary. Sooo good, so well-done. Polished production, amazing musicianship, and top-notch song-writing. Every track sounds as good as the next and it all concludes in a face-melting, exploding bang. What a ride!

What can be said about excellence through the limits of written word? This EP is just fantastic, and you know that we keep it real here in Less Than 1000 F. “Revelations” is perfect, a heavenly blessing that comes down from the underworld. 8 tracks mixed with comical and reflective interludes make of this EP a true work of art.

Starting with the ominous intro of track 1, “Revelations”, you already know what to expect. Phenomenal musicians with an incredible sound. Enough said. Explosive, aggressive, beautiful. Is this Hell? Sign me in! Track 3, “Welcome To The Congregation” is all about that retro Funk, with deluxe brass section melodies, so fine!

“Put Your Hands Up” seems to be taken right out of Broadway, with beautiful and inspiring vocals and a tad of jazz. Wow! Totally unexpected, completely appreciated. Such bliss, such tenderness. Track 7 is their by now well-known previous single “Kiss My ApocaLips”, you know what it is. Excellent.

From there on it keeps getting better and better, with an explosive rendition of “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down). I won’t spoil the rest of the tracks for you, so you better go on and take a listen right now!

Q&A Time!

1.- Wow guys, this EP sounds truly amazing. Would you please tell us more about how you managed to record it? It seems like a lot of work.
Why thank-ya kindly! Our new record REVELATIONS is a follow up to our 2020 debut GENESIS. We had the idea to release two EPs which form two parts of a single story, with Genesis being the introduction, fun and light-hearted and Revelations being a more twisted, dark finale. What we didn’t know obviously was that there would be an actual apocalyptic event between the two records! We wrote and recorded Revelations during the pandemic and it’s full of joy, sorrow, angst, desperation and above all hope – all things I think resonated with us during the last two years. Despite the weird duality of recording a concept album about the end of the world during an actual global pandemic, growing climate crises and war, the record is still full of the dark humour which is the hallmark of the band. The movie Don’t Look Up came out after we had finished the record but there is a definite synergy between that film and this EP.

2.- Would you please tell us the name of all the musicians? I think you all deserve the recognition.
Sure, but as fans of the live show will know – there are A LOT of us on stage! Killer vocals and badassery comes from The Hail Marys – three fierce women I’m proud to have brought all the way from the good old US of A. On the bass guitar we have the master of low frequency sequencing – T-Dubya. On guitars it’s The Pied Piper – he’ll steal your girlfriend but you’ll be ok with it coz he’s a cool cat. On keys it’s my nemesis/genius – a feral freak called Morgan The Organ who only communicates through his keyboard. On Drums, the man who puts the Gay in ‘Gay Paris’ Gaetan Flablam. And lastly on brass we have Psychedelic Simon and Danny the Sax Offender who bring a little class to my ass. Oh and don’t forget Producer and engineer extraordinaire ‘Old Bony Ass’ James Bragg – he’s the 11th member of the band bringing our wildest ideas to life.
3.- Have you thought of shooting some music videos?
Wild Music Videos are our trademark you know that! We have won quite a few awards for our music videos, they are always quite a crazy undertaking, but we always think, if somone is gonna let you create a piece of art to your music why would you just film the band miming along to the song in an old warehouse, when you can hire someone to build you a fire-breathing rock organ instead! Our most recent video is from our first single from REVELATIONS – Kiss My ApocaLips – if you ain’t seen it – check it out and you’ll see what I’m on about!

4.- What are your touring plans for this year?
We are about to embark on an epic tour of the United Kingdom which has been delayed four times by the Pandemic – so we’re incredibly excited to finally get back on the road to bless our British congregation and play them our new hymns! We’re also fully booked on some epic festival shows across the UK and Europe this Summer – we’re making up for lost time!

5.- Anything else you’d like to add.
Now more than ever, the world needs the healing power of Oh My God! It’s The Church and our mascot – Sexy Jesus. Anyone and everyone is welcome at our services, so if y’all needing some company at the end of the world come dance with your new disciples – we got your back.

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