Higher Sights – “Turn The Screw”

Psychedelic/Indie-Rock group, Higher Sights deliver a message of love and light against mind control in their single “Turn The Screw“. OUT NOW!!!

Using music as a tool of awakening, this UK trio is delivering a fairly interesting and innovative track where the main message is to resist social media washing. In a time where we need to stick together, the band urges us to seek out real, reliable sources of facts.

Created by Steve Wells (lead Vocals & guitar), Antony Baker (bass & backing vocals) and John Jeffery – (drums), this indie-rock power trio used its psychedelic influences to come up with a mesmerizing rock track that hypnotizes with its melodies and mellow groove.

A steady bass line is quickly followed by a skipping drum beat, synth pads and propaganda samples. Steve’s vocals wail and sing with an ethereal vibe of chants and echoes. The explosion of the chorus delivers a huge dose of energy that stays with us as the track continues with its dynamic dance. Ever increasing, ever intriguing.

Excitement is guaranteed in Higher Sights’ single thanks to its high-gained guitars and slamming drums. Reverbs and echoes repeat themselves in a riveting loop as they start to fade away into silence…

“Turn The Screw is very much about media mind control, and the dangers that presents to our mental health as we are far too often vulnerable to manipulation at the behest of the puppet masters. They can generate panic, fear, hate and adulation with a creatively worded or edited headline. The words simply encourage you to look deeper, check the facts and spread awareness of the danger. It’s propaganda that should come with a health warning!!!” – Higher Sights

Turn The Screw was recorded by Jon Martin no relation to George!) at his studio in Rothersthorpe, Northamptonshire in January 2022. The track was written and demoed over lockdown using Garage Band. Three singles were recorded and each will be released in the next months, so keep an eye on them!

All of them were written with the varying challenges of mental health in mind, with a common theme of exploring how to search for strength within ourselves to fight and stay above water.” – Higher Sights

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