Call In Dead – “Patriarchy”

Fully armed with a brand new singer, our good friends from Call In Dead are back more savage than ever with their new single “Patriarchy“. A violent Punk track that spits at the recent USA bill: “Don’t Say Gay”.

What is it with politicians trying to control the way with speak? What do they think will “not saying gay” will accomplish? Absolutely jack shit. Call In Dead found the new USA law incompetent, to put it mildly, as it could have a severe impact in the LGBTQ+ community.

You know the drill, CID aren’t known for their politeness and good behaviour. They’re good at fucking things up, and that’s just what they did in “Patriarchy”. A short but concise Punk track that ravages against those pieces of $hit who think of themselves as kings. Laughable.

With the addition of their new singer, Ripley, CID continues with all the aggression of their past singer plus powerful lyrics that suit the occasion perfectly like: “He told you / Don’t feel /Don’t Cry / Don’t think / Be a man” and “I’m sure that makes you feel like a king / You act like fucking clowns”.

And a perfect finale that shouts “FUCK YOUR GENDER NORMS”.

This new singer addition feels pretty solid, and we can’t wait for what else will they bring to the table…

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