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April 30 2022.

Hi, here we’re again, last day of April and as usual I have great news for you all music lovers, I’m really happy that you keep coming back for more, love the message that you sent to us, case in point:

“Count on me being a regular follower of the site. Can’t wait to see what else comes along”.

Thank you for your likes and comments they’re much appreciate it, let’s take no more time and welcome back to your favorite blog supporting upcoming bands/artists since 2017 and in this format since last year, week 17, here we go time for our round up of 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to. The mix as always is great, from folk to metal, music for our brains with Citizen:Kane and also for our heart and soul by Ferguson’s Daughter, I’m sure about that you’re going to have fun, you’re going to experiment a wide range of emotions with the feelings that all this artist pour out in their work, so, enjoy it!!!

Never is a band idea to remember that we can support these artists in the way that we can, streaming, following, buying their music, or the way fit you best, but support, don’t forget.

Remember that most of these albums are recently released (and important to say that you always can take a look back at our previous week recommendations here, for the whole 2022 or 2021).


1- Ferguson’s DaughterBlissed Out Blues – is an album that strikes us with raw emotion. An album in which Ferguson’s Daughter intimately shares her personal reflections and experience to which we can relate to. She tackles difficult and sometimes depressing themes, and yet she is able to show how, in spite of all, we can maintain hope over uncertainty. You can read our review here.

2.- Vanderwolf“When The Fire Grows Cold”/”Extinction!”  –  is quite an impressive debut single and an enjoyable listen throughout, showcasing Vanderwolf’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship, while also highlighting the phenomenal talents of his collaborators. I would highly recommend this single to fans of progressive rock. You can read our review here.

3.- CowWhen The Darkness Gets You Down“  Formed by lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Kyle Lee during brief periods of downtime from his role as lead guitarist in Welsh indie legends ‘Gintis’ COW began as a vehicle for Kyle to hook up with some like-minded souls glimpse the darkness and shine a light on it. After all, what better way of dealing with a broken heart than pouring it into a pop song?

Following on from 2021 single ‘Notemakers’, itself inspired by the farewell suicide notes of writers such as Hunter S Thompson, the four tracks contained within are, according to Kyle “the thoughts of a man who has so much on his chest he wants to get off and out into the world, but ultimately can’t”. You need to give it a listen to!!!

4.- Paper Tigers Graceless  In their own words: “We’re incredibly excited to finally get it out into the world. It’s a deeply personal collection of songs to us and we went to great lengths to try and ensure that we presented this as one cohesive package from beginning to end”.

5- The Gold SupplyOpen Lines The EP exhibits a beautiful, atmospheric and almost post-apocalyptic ambience- a combination of sounds and influences that would suggest that not only do The Gold Supply know how and when the world will end, but that they’re poised and ready to provide the soundtrack.

6.-  MercvrialPhonac Music –  Debut Album. Relevant genres would include: post-punk, dreampop, neo-psychedelic, shoegaze, brit pop and indie rock.

7- Green SuburbanEP II – is a indie rock project by Stockholm based singer songwriter Isak Skoglund. This EP called II is the follow up to an EP released last summer called I. The music is guitar driven and the lyrics are often introspective, taking inspiration from 60s folk and rock music all the way to modern indie and rock.

8.- CITIZEN:KANEFamiliar Voices Are Easier To Understand  – this new EP throws itself into a pure 4 X 4 sound. Music for dancing, with some sweet melodies and also experimentalism, pure energy, repetition. CITIZEN:KANE’s work seems to be a melting pot of references, like moods, genres, different bpms or exotic vocals. And the pattern in the producer’s path turns out to be a certain oscillation, like a sine wave to surf on a freezing day, or in a slow movement shaking the winter blanket with the scorching heat outside. Anything goes, but taking it easy.

9.- The Crux, “Time and Space” – a band from Northern Ireland, having built up steam from there last 2 singles ‘Being’ and ‘Cornered’ they have received great reviews over this release. They went old school and recorded this ep ‘off the floor’, no studio trickery, just like the ’70s maaaan! It showcases the band’s song writing ability’s and they hook you in!

I hope not only you can enjoy these artists but also remember to support them, streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can find in the Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers, Fresh Singles, Indie Only, Alterindie State of Mind, Female Rising Stars, 12 New Songs This Week, Sickest & Dopest, and  Long, Long, Long Songs.

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up:

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