Ferguson’s Daughter- Blissed Out Blues

Content warning: Blissed Out Blues contains a recording of a real panic attack that may be triggering to some listeners. Discretion is advised.

Growing up sometimes makes us feel isolated. We have moments when we are conviced that nobody understands us or even bears being with us. But maturing also means realizing that there are people around us that care about us and keep us company even on our lowest points: Those who help us regain hope and keep moving foreward. Raw and extremely touching, Ferguson’s Daughter’s most recent EP Blissed Out Blues is a personal and deep reflection of what really means to become an adult and sharing a life with someone. It is a powerful EP unafraid of showing unfiltered emotions.

Lindsay Plotner (neé Ferguson) is an American singer-songwriter based on Los Angeles, California. She released her first album Being a Girl in January 2022. After she married in April of 2022 and changed her name to Plotner, she decided to honor her family name and adopted her artistic name as Ferguson’s Daughter. Blissed Out Blues is a flagship EP that marks this new era of her life and artistic career. On each of the three tracks of the EP, Ferguson’s Daughter makes a personal reflection of her life in that moment and what awaits to her on the future in an extremely intimate and touching way. With just her voice, her piano and personal recordings of conversations, she is able to craft an EP that challenges the listener to confront difficult themes and emotions. But we are left with something truly special, both beautiful and hopeful.

On each track of the album Ferguson’s Daughter tackles a distinct aspects of her deepest thoughts and feelings, as she opens up differents facets of her life and personality. Her voice and her piano make a duo in which each other amplify each of their best talents. Sometimes there are thoughts or emotions that we cannot put exactly into words, but we must say in some way that may be possible for us. While Lindsay expresses deep emotions with her voice, she also does that with her piano. In this way, she covers both spheres: expressable ideas with her lyrics and vocals and abstract, intimate emotions with the chords of her piano. “Wedding Rings” features metaphorical images of nature, mountains and rivers, to ultimately reflect about fleeting time and the secrets that are hidden in plain sight, waiting for the right moment and the right person to find them: that facet of ourselves that not even ourselves are aware of.

“Numbers” is about feeling that we are losing our own self, about being unable to express how we really feel, about feeling unimportant. Lindsay sings with a voice overwhelmed with emotion that is instantly transmitted unto us.

Blissed Out Blues closes with the ten minute track “Panic Attacks in Love”. Instead of featuring vocals per se, Fergunson’s Daughter shows a personal recording of a conversation that she and her fiancée (now husband) had during one of her panic attacks with an extremely emotional piano at a backdrop. They talk about fear, uncertainty, the future, solitude, company and nautre. While it may difficult to hear, it is a track full of hope. As the conversation progresses and gains a new light, the piano itself becomes more lively. “Panic Attacks in Love” closes perfectly the album as it retakes the themes of the previous tracks and gives them a hopeful turn: while it may difficult in the future, we will always have someone by our side that cares about us and will listen to us in our most difficult moments.

“Panic Attacks in Love” was created when, last year, I asked my husband to record me playing the piano while I was having a panic attack, in the hopes that it could help me see outside of the panic and ease me through the attack. When I finished playing, a conversation with Jordan was unintentionally recorded. My husband’s patient and loving response to my fears and anxieties is the reason why I’ve chosen to share this recording. The message that I hope to send with this song is one of hope, of belief that it is possible to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship while living with mental illness. Finally, it is my musical thank you to my husband.

Lindsey Plotner aka Ferguson’s Daughter

Blissed Out Blues is an album that strikes us with raw emotion. An album in which Ferguson’s Daughter intimately shares her personal reflections and experience to which we can relate to. She tackles difficult and sometimes depressing themes, and yet she is able to show how, in spite of all, we can maintain hope over uncertainty.

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