Grant Nesmith-“Days”

Today’s featured track takes us through different seasons! Grant Nesmith’s newest single “Days” reflects of the passing of time in our day to day. Light, nostalgic and poetic, “Days” is a single whose unique sound touches on deep themes that will make us reflect about the days that have gone by in our lives…

Grant Nesmith is a singer-songwriter based on Myrthle Beach in South Carolina. Inspired by The Beatles, Greatful Dead, Rose City Band, among others, his music covers the sound of alt-rock with its distorted guitars and otherwordly vocals. His work is centered mainly on the studio, giving him a chance to experiment and take full advantage of the production tools he has at his disposition, creating a sound that one does not find somewhere else. “Days” was not only recored at Myrthle Beach, it was also inspired by it. Nesmith played the guitars, bass and sang the vocals, while Blake Monroe (of Endless Nation Fame) was in charge of the lead guitar, Ava Hussey of the backing vocals, Ken Thomas on the drums and Ed Dennis on additional guitars. The track was produced by Nesmith and Ed Dennis.

“Days” is inspired by the landscape of Myrtle Beach and how it transforms throughout the day and the changing seasons. Nesmith makes us feel just how special this place is by his poetic lyrics. The music by itself has a dreamlike feel to it. The ensemble of echoey guitars take us far away to what seems a magical land. The music constructs a space in which we are immersed. Myrtle Beach comes to us through music, or rather, music takes us to it. As the song continues, we are able to become witness of how it transforms. The track starts to present small changes that may pass unnoticed at first, but an avid listener may be able to recognize. Just as subtle as how time passes.

“Days” is a deep track. Its reflections of time and changing seasons come through the relation of lyrics and music alone. With an ethereal and dreamlike sound, Grant Nesmith’s talent is put at the forefront, as we are put in face of a memorable track.

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