Birdman Cult is back with a highly explosive dose of Alt-Rock in their brand new single. “Ferryman” is as violent as it is energetic, with a rumbling bass and frantic drums that shake us off our heels and make us bang our heads to the unyielding beat. OUT NOW!!!

Our good friends from our favorite cult have once again returned to our grasps with a savage and chaotic aura. Their new single is a magnificent feat of ravaging drums and driving guitars that remind us of the heavy melodies of QOTSA or even The Hives.

Before the destruction begins, a docile but ominous intro lurks forward as a prophet of doom. A single fuzz-drenched bass note opens up the track, with reverberating vocals that seem to come straight out of a black mass or an ancient ritual. Harmonies start to show up, cymbals begin their frenetic dance as the low bass note lingers on, glueing it all together.

Not too soon, the song turns into a striking mammoth of pure and vile rock and roll. Hell breaks loose. Chaos finds its solace. Darkness falls all over. Maniacs start to dance. The end is near … I guess this is what being in a cult feels like.

The track is a big doom laden rock anthem, an existential reflection brought on by
living through a global pandemic and pending WW3”.
– Birdman Cult

The uncanny, aggressive lyrics take a hold of ourselves, putting us in some kind of malevolent trance. Soon you are no longer here. Hell awaits. Don’t forget your two pennies for the “Ferryman”.

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