9 O’Clock Nasty – “Darker Star”

The Nasty make peace with their destiny in their brand new and most analogue single up to date: “Darker Star“. A simple but effective soundtrack about what life has in stock for us, whether we are born under a bright sky, or a dark one… OUT NOW!

Hooray! The Nasty are back! It is always so much fun and such a pleasure to review and listen to these guys. As always, the UK trio makes a come back with their inimitable charisma and sense of humor in this funky Rock track.

Some people have their lives sorted out before they are even born. Some people just can’t get a break. Such is life! Does it suck? Yes. Can we do anything about it?… Well, maybe, maybe not. But the best think we can do is come to terms with what life has given us and be happy about it. This is what the Nasty believe, and I do too!

Yes, it’s written in the stars. I cannot have the same cool car as you because I was born under a Darker Star. Well, we were born under Darker Stars and we’re happy with that.” – The Nasty

This is maybe the trio’s catchiest song up to date, as it immediately begins with the anthemic chorus after the groovy intro. Easy, simple, intoxicating, delicious. And, my god, the lyrics are just hysterical:

Pisces born with the shit star baby / Aquarius with my talents lazy / Cancer man-babe, always failing / Taurus scrapping for human gravy

I find the idea of messing with astrology and tarot such a geniality. Fun fact! The Nasty made the first demo version with a cardboard box and an acoustic guitar with 5 strings. That spirit lives on in the final product.

It is getting clearer and clearer that these guys just love what they do and that they acknowledge themselves as what they are and don’t take themselves too seriously at all. I believe that’s something to admire! So go ahead and push that button and listen to this succulent track and feel proud of who you are and where you stand, no matter what life chose for you.

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