Guilherme “Persephone and The Ghost Brother”

Last year he released an EP titled “Demon“, which gave an insight into the musical world of Guilherme. The lead vocalist of Mary Bleeds continues his solo work this year with a full-length album that dives deeper into the world formed by adversary forces.

Brazilian by nation and living in Dublin, Guilherme is a singer-songwriter who creates experimental music joining his vocals with electronic sounds. The result is far from conventional music with linear rhythm and dancy vibes – Guilherme’s music takes on a considerably more primal feeling, being a cathartic release of inner struggles that surround themes like mental health and societal pressures. If you have ever seen posts of drawings made by people with mental conditions and found them strangely clear in their self-explanation, Guilherme has managed to do the same in his “Demon EP”, and continues to open your eyes in his newest album titled “Persephone and The Ghost Brother”.

Home to 13 songs, “Persephone and the Ghost Brother” is a strongly experimental release with a heavy emphasis on the powerful layered vocals. Lyrics are poetic and raw, employing the many other sides of the human voice that really drive forth the message. You can also hear the strong presence of powerful electronic sounds that come and go and greatly influence the already grim atmospheres. There’s also an unmistakable shimmer of harp provided by Argentinian Merci Bralo, bringing in an acoustic feeling. “Demon” in particular has a lot of harp melodies, which along with the spiraling and fluttering vocals mark a rather irreversible fall into a derailed mental state.

Thematically the album is an extension of “Demon EP”, as it touches on the violent childhood the artist had, and the multifaceted issues it has caused later in life. Each song carries its own subtopic, hinted at by titles in a sometimes more straightforward way, and other times taking a more philosophical line. Whatever subtopic is taken on, the album reveals it all in its uncomfortably exposed manifestation. A long experimental poem exposing and addressing the troubles boiling within the artist. The awful childhood with religion above any semblance of mental wellbeing, marked by “Into The Boy” and “Good Intent”, followed by serious progressive mental problems in “Demon”, “Empty”. There is a ringing sense of dread, a lot of intrusive thoughts shooting past, perhaps instilled by “Mother”, and there is silence that is not the regular quietness, but rather a sign of huge emptiness. “Final Cut” could be that, and it could also be a representation of the long winding path to healing and the deep valley between words of help and you. An eye-opening listen designed to let you experience the world seen through the eyes of a person fighting with mental issues.

The album won’t be available on streaming services. Instead, you’re free to check it out on his Bandcamp. There will also be a limited run of vinyl of this album with a total of 200 copies. Released in May 01st and is currently available for preorder so get your copy NOW!!!

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