DCxPC LIVE Vol. 6 PRESENTS – Grave Return & The Hamiltons Live at the Danger Room (Original EP)

A new album from the Live Punk revolutionaries is soon to be emerged. DCxPC LIVE presents their sixth release up to date which will include Punk Rock beasts: Grave Return & The Hamiltons. A corrosive and heavy musical experience perfect for all you Punk/Rock & Roll lovers out there.

With the usual quality of the DCxPC Live recordings, here comes another fierce and powerful Live EP. Two bands, five tracks, a lot of Punk. Featuring high-gained guitars, metallic basses, nasty drums and gritty vocals, this EP continues the legacy of the Orlando-based label.

Only 2 tracks will be available for streaming on release date: Rocket Summer by Grave Return and Pierced by The Hamiltons. Both tracks pack a punch of energy and sweaty riffs, loud screams and rumbling rhythms. A perfect appetizer of what’s to be the full package.

Grave Return

The whole physical album, which will be released on 7″, will be available to preorder for a discounted price and a chance to win VML 6 The Queers live at Fireside bowl. The record release show is on 5/28. It will include the following tracks:

Rocket Summer, TV Prophets, and Victory or Death / Santa Muerte by Grave Return.

Pierced, and Coming Up, by The Hamiltons.

Both bands are really good and really loud, with sounds that can be compared to Baroness, early Mastodon, and even QOTSA. This album will be pressed on opaque red vinyl and limited to 150 copies. It is sure to sellout within months if not sooner.

So get your freaking copy.

The Hamiltons

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