Like a dark gargoyle of the night, the mean raccoons are back with a renewed striking force, ready to hit us right in the gut. The Nasty is back. Team Player Out Now!!!

I’ve been waiting for this day to come, but I didn’t even realized it until now. The Leicester trio, the dark eye lined, the brutal, the mysterious, the perilous beings of irony and satire are back once more to overcome themselves as they continue to question the true nature of humanity.

“Team Player”, their upcoming single, is, as the band puts it, an exercise in Indie precision that drives a sharp spike into the spine. I’d say that’s spot on. A fierce and heart-pounding track that attacks steadily and with control. A melting bass, tight drums, wailing guitar notes… metal riffs?

Vocals? You already now. Menacing, enticing, exciting. Real talk. Real energy. Increasing itself until it suddenly stops. “Playa, playa playa, playa…” The intimidating mantra continues as a dark omen. The beat returns. Ecstasy.

For this song we were seeking to make something lean and something strong. We wanted to push ourselves into an uncomfortable place, and this is what that sounded like. We’re proud.” – The Nasty

The Nasty are a little bit scared with this single release after the success of “Dark Star“. Will this single go further? We will have to wait to find out, but something tells me, they’re on the right track! Somebody mentioned that this single is for when it is all too much. I absolutely agree. Fuck norms. Fuck the standards. Long live raccoons!

Are you worried that 9 o’clock Nasty have got too serious? Well, in truth we have always been deadly serious. We are the aristocrats of punk, not comedians. But we will invite you to share cracked laughter with us again in July with our next pop anthem “I’m Bent,” described as ‘Roxy Music on crack.’” – 9 O’Clock Nasty

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