Venustra – “Hopping The Train”

This track is an awesome metal-meets-circus performance with a ravaging energy that gets quickly inside your heard. “Hopping The Train” is fierce, brutal, and melodic; the perfect qualities for an exceptional Metal song. LISTEN NOW!

Hello everybody! Welcome back. It’s your boy MadZen and today we will be reviewing this amaaazing track by these circus freaks! Introducing, all the way from Austin, USA: Venustra! A five-piece band with a knack for heavy music, inspired by the Visual Kei and Horror Punk movements!

Created in 2014 as a solo effort by singer/visionary Synderella, Venustra incorporates elements of Industrial, Circus, and Swing, finding inspiration in bands like Dir en Grey, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Wednesday 13, Diablo Swing Orchestra, The Dresden Dolls, Rob Zombie, and Mr.Bungle. They also add some elements of Post Metal from the likes of Russian Circles and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

With all of these amazing influences, it’s no surprise that Venustra’s music is heavy, aggressive, and exciting. Super freaky music for all of us freaks out there! And today, the American band is presenting their brand new single “Hopping The Train”, the 4th track from their upcoming EP: “Rise Of The Ringmaster”. A prequel to their debut album, “Candy Apples Custom Made“.

Their upcoming EP comes with a whole story of its own, but here’s a short story line:

An orphaned teen in a gritty early century-Esque timeline, comes into possession of an amulet that casts the desires of its holder. In this case, to take revenge on a sadistic headmaster of the orphanage that threw him out and caused a close friend of his to die because of food poisoning. These friends were supposed to run away to join the traveling circus that was set up miles out from town. But after this tragedy, ends up taking possession of their life forces with this amulet and burning the orphanage. (This is where ‘Hopping The Train’ comes into play) While police chase after him on foot, he sticks with his original plan to join the circus after chasing after a train that takes him in that general direction. After some thought, he convinces himself that he could take over the circus with this newer power. But not without bodily sacrifice.

This song absolutely shreds with heavy-ass riffs and outstanding screaming vocals, also the adding of circus-like melodies give more eeriness to the atmosphere. Precise hitting drums and a whole wall of sound of distortion makes of this track an absolute master piece, perfect to headbang to!

Over the years, Venustra has achieved sharing the same stages as Combichrist, Beasto Blanco, and Wednesday 13 amongst others, gathering overall positive responses to their engaging and visually theatrical performances! We cannot wait to hear the full EP!

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