After surviving a near heart failure, this UK artist realized that there are moments in life when you’ve got to stay strong in the face of adversity, and not only for just ourselves. “Warriors” is his new single with an inspiring message, which he delivers with vibrant audacity and evolving sound. LISTEN NOW!

Well, hello everybody! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a really good track for all of you Pink Floyd lovers. A powerful track that aims towards staying strong during difficult times. First of all, welcome back! I hope you’re feeling great, loved, and ready for the weekend! Now, onto the track!

If you don’t know, C-Beem is a Leicester-based artist who presented his EP, Tales From Tono, last July. Now, the British musician returns with a track that not only has been compared to the great Pink Floyd and David Bowie, but that also speaks to the soul with its warming message.

As mentioned above, “Warriors” was created by C-Beem after surviving a near heart failure. Now, I can’t imagine how that must feel, meeting face to face with your own death and winning the battle, but what’s for sure is that C-Beem got a burst of clarity, which pushed him to write this song.

The track has a very atmospheric sound, with heavenly synths and soft drum beats that add a lot of groove. C-Beem’s vocals are opened, inspiring, with a certain sense of magnitude that speaks right to the heart. Funny how life works, considering that is was C-Beem’s own heart what was failing. It is, for lack of a better word, interesting how this track unfolded.

It has, indeed, some similarities to that Floyd and Bowie’s spacial sound, that Space-Rock we’ve all grown to love, and which is perfectly fitted for what C-Beem’s trying to convey. The strength and resilience of the warrior. To never give up. To face the enemy and turn out victorious. Encouraging, for sure!

We are of course grateful that C-Beem endured such a serious situation, and we wish him all the strength and health needed for him to carry on. We hope you like this track and if you wanna support the artist even more, why not giving him a follow? That’s it from me guys, see you on the next one!

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