Ollie Twohill Neverland

Today’s world is so big and complicated. The road is long and the vast majority follow the same path, but despite what our parents, the environment, and even the television and advertisements tell us, there are few special people who stop for a moment, confused about where to go and trying to find themselves in a world full of difficulties, judgment, and normalization of a mass production line of humans.

Have you ever felt on the sidelines? Outcast or maybe out of the loop of life? All those confused people out there looking for the way, looking for their place in the world, the next song is for you.

I am of course talking about the amazing new song by Ollie Twohill – “Neverland” with inspirations from the classic book “Where The Wild Things Are”. This is the 6th single by the artist Ollie Twohill. Unlike his other songs, this song is a song that gives hope and optimism that flows through a massive pop-punk atmosphere that brings the old school back to the mainstream.

“Guess this song is a place in my mind called “Neverland”, which is an oasis and retreat from the daily challenges of life, particularly the current world turmoil and instability. The song is for all those marginalized people out there, that don’t quite fit in and get hassled in their day to day lives. Hence the line in the song “Planet Earth is not my friend”. not a great place at times with some people not being particularly nice to others. “Neverland” is dedicated to all those marginalized creative & non creative cool people out there who get a hard time most days. So for all you “outcasts” out there this this song is for you!”

Ollie Twohill

The song begins with a bouncy guitar followed by drums and bass party punches which befits punk music. They are followed by Ollie’s unique and amazing singing that puts us in an optimistic atmosphere and transfers his feelings from the ears to all parts of the body, shakes and jumps the heart, and flows through the blood as a boost of positive energy that you cannot remain indifferent to.

Ollie Twohill’s talent and uniqueness will take him very far in the music world and I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about him.

Can’t wait for the next song!

“Neverland” is out on streaming platforms


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