Jonathan Harrington “Get Away”

I simply hope that people can enjoy listening to my songs. I have high aspirations for my music: that it helps people feel seen, heard and understood, and that it inspires people to reflect on their relationships and priorities. But more than anything, I want it to be something beautiful in their lives - even if it's no more than a pleasant song in the background of their days. Jonathan Harrington

Jack the Owl “Calling”

"I wrote it last year in lock down when I was waiting for other people their approval and I was done with it. At some point I just thought I'm gonna do whatever I want instead of what other people expect. So I decided to write a song about it. I recorded it by myself in my home studio, the guitar part in the intro was the first thing I came up with after that the whole song gradually came together" Jack the Owl

Son.person “Loved U More”

"A powerful, strong-minded statement from a boy who wants nothing more than peace. Loved You More is an ode to those who are tired of trying to be enough. This message of honesty and torn emotion, mixed with colorful sampling and roaring guitar loops, is definitely one of the more disheartening Son.person tracks. Take a listen for yourself and see whether this one’ll leave you crying in the club." Son.person

Aza Brown “Afterthought”

YOU CAN HAVE A FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!!! In mesmerizing Latin melody, guitar with an addictive sound, synths, a psychedelic atmosphere, and such a special rhythm that just makes you move. Perhaps the greatest feature of the song, apart from the lyrics, is the sound. A vintage retro sound that I have not heard for a long time, an amazing production that fills my ears and body with delicious music from such talented people.

Blind Season – Wine & Hair Dye

"The particular ethos of the album is that i look at each song as sort of a diary entry/chapter. At the time that i was making it i wasn't leaving the house much and staying in a dark room creating these songs because i had nothing else to do. The band was essentially over so it was a lonely time. I needed friends so I made songs instead to get out of my head" Shane Sigro

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