Jonathan Harrington “Get Away”

Take someone you love, for a ride anywhere. See, discover, walk, and hang out. This is exactly what Jonathan Harrington is talking about in his new song “Get Away” which excites the music world in the second single after the successful single released on April 22 called “Last Call“. Jonathan continues to bring us exciting art that we so desperately need.

Jonathan Harrington is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter who comes to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma. His songs are characterized by an indie-pop style with touches of folk in a winning combination. He wrote the song about his dreams, as a high school boy, for a backpacking trip in Europe, and brings to life his dreamy and sincere past into our ears.His way of looking at the world is fascinating, and his art takes the listener one step further, inspire, and a tremendous sense of satisfaction accompanied by hope and happiness.

I wrote the first version of this song in under two hours, and it was the first good song I’d ever written. It was one of those moments where pent-up emotion pours out into some form of art in a way that feels completely outside the artist’s influence or control.

Jonathan Harrington

Combining the dreamy piano along with the touring guitars does a wonderful job of getting us into the exact atmosphere that Jonathan is aiming for. In addition to the amazing instruments that dance in the background and the rhythm of the drums and bass that serve as stability throughout the song, all of this combines such a unique and precise singing that penetrates directly into the heart.

I simply hope that people can enjoy listening to my songs. I have high aspirations for my music: that it helps people feel seen, heard and understood, and that it inspires people to reflect on their relationships and priorities. But more than anything, I want it to be something beautiful in their lives – even if it’s no more than a pleasant song in the background of their days.

Jonathan Harrington

There is no doubt that Jonathan’s songs are inspiring, provide us with the place to return to dreaming, and give us the motivation and desire to get up and travel, see a world, explore new cultures, and thus ourselves. But the most important thing to remember is that the people you love, are the ones who give a sense of belonging and meaning to every place, no matter where you are.

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