Jack the Owl “Calling”

Jack the Owl brings with him the new tidings of today, follow your dreams, fulfill yourself and do what you always wanted, without giving up on yourself. The energy he conveys to us with the help of his new song “Calling” is simply addictive and amplifies the feelings that are sometimes forgotten and even disappear in our daily routine like the urge for success, connection, love, and true light.

Jack the Owl, a musician who comes to us from The Hague, NL, manages to preserve in the modern age the rock qualities of the 90s along with pop and modern psychedelic music. The high rhythm immediately puts in you the spirit of optimism, motivation, and renewable energy in the body. The amazing guitars that immediately grab the ears, the drums and the bass so catchy, that hold the song like fertile and regenerating ground, the synths that once it arrived you realize how much you needed them, and of course the incredible and touching singing that takes us back to the days when we were invincible.

“I wrote it last year in lock down when I was waiting for other people their approval and I was done with it. At some point I just thought I’m gonna do whatever I want instead of what other people expect. So I decided to write a song about it. I recorded it by myself in my home studio, the guitar part in the intro was the first thing I came up with after that the whole song gradually came together”

Jack the Owl

The song talks about a moment of enlightenment that something is happening and can no longer be ignored. We can’t longer ignore ourselves. Jack calls us to stand up and take action, help courage and deal with our greatest fear, the fear of doing and getting out of our comfort zone. With the help of the chorus that is so catchy, that resonates in your head and enters the depths of your body, and vibrates your heart like an electric current that just makes you move. This is exactly the push that each of us so desperately needs.

Jack leaves us with an open end, which gives a desire for more and almost forces us to press play once more and hear the song again.

Jack, is a smart owl who knows how to give us exactly what we’re missing, right when we’re missing it.

“Expect some high energy, catchy riffs and hopeful lyrics. Have fun this summer with going to concerts and feeling the energy of being free. Go after your dreams!”

Jack the Owl

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