Son.person “Loved U More”

Son.person.’s new song is here. Surely you’ve heard the special young artist Son.person before, and if not, it’s time you heard. Son.person is a pop / hip-hop artist and Memphis musician, a talented and amazing kid who writes and creates music at the levels of the highest music industry and he’s only 17 years old. With more than 2.5 million listeners, Son.person is aiming for a global place with his music. Like fire in a field of thorns his songs are distributed throughout the country and don’t come out of our heads.


This time too Son.person doesn’t disappoint and brings his new song “Loved U More” which breaks the boundaries of ability and further deepens the story of Son.person. His melancholy along with rhythms of contemporary music, the atmosphere, and the sound that would settle with the Old School music, exceptional writing, impressive melodies, and his phenomenal singing ability, just don’t let us be indifferent.

A powerful, strong-minded statement from a boy who wants nothing more than peace. Loved You More is an ode to those who are tired of trying to be enough. This message of honesty and torn emotion, mixed with colorful sampling and roaring guitar loops, is definitely one of the more disheartening Son.person tracks. Take a listen for yourself and see whether this one’ll leave you crying in the club.


The song is characterized by lively instruments such as drums that give us a rhythm that will keep us on the ground, groovy guitars, a excellent bassline, and of course, the graceful increases for the vocal line that make the song so special.

Nothing more than a simple tragedy, “Loved U More” is a story far too many are familiar with. Exhaustion, defeat, and a sour taste of acceptance are brilliantly brought together with profound guitar riffs and sharp sampling. All in all, “Loved U More” expresses the internal scars most people have felt, while showcasing the grief of moving forward and honest realization.


But perhaps the most striking thing about it is his singing talent, which is so intriguing, and so sweeping that you are just drawn into the words, feel how he strums on the strings of your heart, touches your deepest spots, and puts you into his world.

I am sure that the future that waits ahead for such an industrious boy is a musical career on an international level because there is no doubt that talent and perseverance are the strongest force in the world. I’m waiting to hear what else the wonder boy will bring us next.

Music for the soul, feelings and experiences. I try not to put barriers on my music and genre bending just seem to happen without intent!


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