Finn Forster “Fly”

The singer Finn Forster comes to us straight from the coastal industrial town of Middlesbrough, UK, with his new folk country single ‘Fly‘.

Finn is a singer, creator, and artist at an international. After his previous release Stay Right Till The End and selling hundreds of tickets to shows across the UK, and at the same time gaining huge sympathy and appreciation from listeners in recent months, he went straight into our playlist and really does not intend to go. He’s about to release a new song titled ‘Fly’ due out May 25th which very quickly will draw the listeners into his bouncy world.

You can immediately hear Finn brings us a different atmosphere and his unique sound. The combination of folk-rock with the country, the bouncy rhythm, harmonic instruments like strings, acoustic guitars, bass, and of course the lead guitar that dances freely throughout the song in liberating and absorbing melodies wrapped together with great, high-quality production, mix, and stringing. All of these respond perfectly to Finn’s amazing, special and clear singing which incorporates the song in an addictive way that just has to be heard again.

In the song, Finn talks about perseverance in difficult times, the challenge of getting back on our feet, how fast things can change, and how we can and should adapt to them. Try and fly beyond any doubt.

Finn makes us feel the power and energy, the power to succeed, and lets us remember that we can.

No doubt we will hear much more about this talented writer from the UK, who manages to conquer our hearts time and time again and give us the fullness that is so lacking in world music. From single to single he declares and strengthens the position he is here to stay. I’m sure very soon we’ll see him touching the stars, just as he touches through his songs.

When I was writing it I guess I was using it to vent to myself to keep going.

Finn Forster

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