Jeffrey Chan “Vertigo”

If anyone asks me, who can create a winning song about love and madness in an electronic-modern pop sound in the atmosphere and influences from the 80s, I had only 2 words to say: Jeffrey Chan. A talented singer at the top level, bringing with him the new brilliance in the world of music “Vertigo“. In an amazing collaboration with the producer Dibs (Carly Rae Jepsen, Melanie Martinez) once again they manage to break the boundaries and bring us a single that can’t be ignored.

The song “Vertigo” is made in the most successful way I have heard recently, with a unique start, a bouncy and optimistic rhythm, an amazing singing, and a well-made sound that brings us back to the good old vintage sound along with the modern pop world, in a way that is simply phenomenal. Jeffrey and Dibs manage to transcend time constraints and together unite the retro with today’s world and in mesmerizing writing sweep us into the song.

Jeffrey lets us feel, along with himself, the madness of romantic love and even a little psychic at times. Not ashamed to bring out the insanity, and dizzy us along with the melody. Puts us in a loop into ourselves, into the memories of the past, the first love, the first obsession, and thing we were willing to do in the name of love.

The song was actually inspired by the Hitchcock film of the same name and is about how obsessed you can get with someone when you first start falling in love. (Fun fact: there’s a few other Hitchcock film titles that I’ve inserted into the lyrics of the song!).

Jeffrey Chan

His prowess singing and writing, the huge energy, and the addictive rhythm touch us, in such a fashion way that Jeffrey makes us forget the daily routine and let us hover in the space of time, without worries and with good music.

For people who are listening to my music for the first time, I would say that a lot of my music blends together modern day pop with retro/80s sounding elements and I try to write tracks with universal experiences in them.

Jeffrey Chan

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