Frank Joshua Cry Blue (Azido 88 Remix)

The summer is almost over, and all the last songs are so cheerful and don’t reflect the reality that is around us. Everything is happy, everyone is at the sea, forced pop that tries to mask our true and deep thoughts about life with shallow thoughts. But deep and dark songs also come out of the unrealistic bubble that is not afraid to bring the real feelings out and sprinkle some real art into the air.

I’m talking about Frank Joshua’s new song together with Azido 88 who remixed the song Cry Blue which heralds the pain of the heart. This is the second collaboration between the two, after the first one was so successful, they decided to join forces again, despite the huge distance between them – Azido88 is based in Taiwan and Frank lives in London, but they did it despite the difficulties for good music.

The two are known and fascinating enigmas in the world of modern music. No one has seen the face of Frank who always comes out looking like a man with a fish head and also Azido 88 is an enigma himself. So what happens when two art puzzles meet you ask?

Music comes out in the form of a living legend that will shake and melt the listeners.

The song starts with a rhythmic drum riff together with a unique and excellent piano sound. After that, a guitar and synths join in with a special and atmospheric sound that really takes us into a new world. Frank’s soulful vocals fit like a glove with his beautiful and dark lyrics like “the heart cries blue for you” that send chills of sympathy to anyone who will listen.

“The lyric is a simple lost love narrative focusing on the heart itself.”

Frank Joshua

Frank’s world of words is unique to him and gives him a very different fingerprint from the other artists in the LO-FI world. The combination of the two creates quality and different content in the musical landscape that cannot be ignored.

Simplicity and complexity together change the world we live in. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about the two.

“Cry Blue” is OUT NOW!

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