HOT INFLUENCE: Butterfly Brains by Cecil eX

Forget below-average tunes and songs that sound the same.

Because Butterfly Brains by Pittsburgh based rapper Cecil eX is big, bold, and exceptional with a capital E.

But now, the smoking hot release by Cecil eX is what you need to play next.

In the past, you’ve heard hot music from Jay Z and Lupe Fiasco.

When searching for music online, the Midwest Emo single Butterfly Brains is perfect for you.

Best Buds from Mom Jeans. is one of my favorite albums of all time. I must’ve listened to this instrumental a few dozen times before I wrote anything for it, which why the first line is “overthinking as of recent …” I think I overthink a lot in my writing process, but it leads me to make really thoughtful Hip Hop music.

Cecil eX

So, if you have not heard of Cecil eX, let us introduce you to a rising rap icon.


From a recording artist to a hitmaker and beyond, Cecil eX has come a long way in this decade according to Apple Music.

And the second half of 2022 will be a great one for super fans of the Pittsburgh based rapper.

That’s because the global rap star premiered a new track on streaming services.

However, this is not the first one for the artist.

According to Apple Music his music career began with “Yours, Always.”

Since his debut single, he has dominated the rap genre with numerous releases.

Recently, he’s released noteworthy singles, including Sondheim,” “Gasoline,” and Paranoia.”

Butterfly Brains opens with a smooth intro.

And it lasts for 16 seconds.

Following that, Cecil eX emerges on the Emo-inspired track produced by Blindforlove.

With a powerful performance, he takes the audience on a unique soul-stirring ride through many twists and turns.

As the song approaches its two-minute mark, Cecil eX hits his stride.

From an excellent and skillful flow to a hypnotic instrumental, there is nothing not to love about Butterfly Brains.

You can stream it today.

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