Under Delusion “Runaway”

The alternative rock genre has been particularly evolving in recent years. The scene has grown and there is more and more hot and strong demand for quality and deep music that really manages to move. And we can’t talk about innovative alternative rock without talking about Under Delusion, a band that will change the face of alternative rock with unusual sounds, real words about sadness, darkness, and groundbreaking musical talent

Produced by Max Scotch and arranged by Max Scotch, Dima Pulsar, Vasiliy Kuznetsov, the band brings the new annunciation to the rock world with the song “Runaway“. The deep bass along with the mesmerizing drumbeat ground you to the song. The special guitars are combined with clever synths that put you in a hypnotic trance that is impossible to get out of, and of course, the powerful female vocals that lead you inside the song in such an interesting way.

The song, as can be understood from its name, talks about running away. Escape from the world, from hypocrisy, from norms, from darkness, and more. All that is the things that surround us and we prefer to ignore them and bury them behind our heads. The song touches on a very deep spot about the world and its social perception of it. It opens our eyes back from the pink situation that is trying to sell us everywhere and puts forward the real things which are much less beautiful and superficial. I feel like the song literally gives us a place to escape to.

There is no doubt that Under Delusion is the real thing in contemporary rock today. They give us so much food for thought and contemplation that it can no longer be ignored.

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