Kills Across the River, RAMEY, The Forces, and more…

September 10, 2022.

Hey, I hope you’re doing great and having a fun weekend my dear friends, you guess right, this is your favorite music blog Less Than 1,000 Followers or LT1KF if you prefer, you know our thing is support unknown and mostly brand new talent, the best that I can find week in and week out, and this is Week 36 for the round up 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to this week. I have some really cool stories to share with you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This week I want to invite you to visit the category “Indie Pop” and “Indie Rock” where you’re going to be able to find all the articles from bands and artist that fits this label,  I have the Indie Only  playlist with almost 2K tracks I have found only during this year (April to this days), but if you think this isn’t too much… I have the other list with almost 4K tracks that I have been adding since 2017 really insane is you ask me, over 236 hours of music that’s almost 10 days of none stop music.

As always, please don’t forget to support these artists with the actions that you can, for mention a few: stream, follow, share them with you loved ones, add them to your playlists, pre-save their upcoming releases, and if you can support them buying their music you can do it directly from Bandcamp, you can find those links in the articles we have on the blog.

Most of these albums are recently released (and important to say that you always can take a look back at our previous week recommendations The Vonics, Novak, Denials, and more…, for the whole 2022 or 2021).


1.- Kills Across The River is a new four-piece Tacoma band making folk-leaning alt-rock. Led by singer-songwriter Amber Bighorse, Mutt is an album of cohesive contradiction and layered emotional textures. Set for release on September 9, 2022 via the band’s own label, Strange Fat Music, the record is named after Bighorse’s late father, Peyton Bighorse—a musician known to friends and family as simply “Mutt.”  The album features ten sophisticated acoustic-electric tracks based on Bighorse’s original demos.

2.- Ramey in his own words: “This album comes in the wake of significant trauma and pain for me and these songs grapple with some difficult questions around the idea of suffering and where “god” is in the midst of it. Once anchored in faith, the last year brought about a season of deconstruction and doubt and these songs are the fruit of that.” Listen to “Shadows: A-Side

3.- The Forces self-titled debut EP, in Joshua Boon own words: “I want to make strong songs that would hold up when performed only on guitar. At the same time, all productions on this EP are hip-hop-minded: in the vein of diggers who have their own ‘open outlook’ through records.” But instead of scouring deep into crates, Joshua Boon played everything live—no samples—and got help from six musicians from the USA, Brazil, Portugal, India, Italy, and Romania. But all the studio sessions were recorded and mixed with the sound aesthetics of sampling in mind.

4.- Moon and Aries  are back with a big and bold statement. They will overcome the old World and build the new World with a fusion of nostalgic and futuristic celestial sounds, like nothing you have heard before.

The self-proclaimed, Synth Pop Opera Duo have a deep driving desire to raise the vibrations and activate a higher version of reality with their music. Listne now BREAKING THE MATRIX (Episode One).

5.- Femegades Staying true to an approach of supplying catchy, clean vocals and melodies with hard-hitting lyrics that are both sensitive to the subject matter and delivered with a sense of optimism. “Not All Men” shows that Femegades have no fear in delving into subjects others won’t touch, through their unique brand of militant, melodic punk-rock.

6.- Sugartin surprise on their new EP with fresh sounds and beats that get you moving. “Dance” is the name of their latest work, which contains three tracks – all perfect for a night out dancing.

   7.-  Mary Kils  Five songs of fascinating singularity, revealing the beauty and strength of the performer. So much sweetness, so much sincerity in this unique tone of voice, so crystalline, undulating within a pronounced and moving rock universe. Mary KilS achieves a very special alchemy that obviously touches us. Listen now ONE.

8- After playing for many years as part of bigger bands, Andi & Sally of Thraa explore what it would be like to take instruments away, leaving two guitars and a vocal. Also working without the constrictions of a traditionally structured song, this duo improvise around meditative drones, combining Sunn 0))) & influenced guitars with soaring vocals. Making single take recordings, they capture an organic sense of sound that has cavernous textures with minimalism at heart. Listen now Into Earth.

9.- San Antonio, TX-based punk band, Nothing Lost, is releasing their debut and self-titled album Released digitally through Havoc Underground and physically on vinyl through Otitis Media Records. Listen now!!!

As a bonus this week I have for you Doc Rhombus with Retroactions, which tells a contemporary story of pandemic malaise, frustration with self and society, and lack of control over past, present, and future.

I hope not only you can enjoy these artists but also remember to support them, streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can find in the Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers, Fresh Singles, Indie Only, Alterindie State of Mind, Female Rising Stars, 12 New Songs This Week, Sickest & Dopest, Only Punk, Long, Long, Long Songs, and Unknown but Essentials!

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up:

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