Conner Eko – I Didn’t See You At All (Live Acoustic)

The main character in this story is not only a musician but also an astrophysicist about to finish his PhD… holy moly, right? If you want to find out more about this incredible person and his newest single, you’re in the right place, I’m talking about Conner Eko an indie-pop/folk singer songwriter located in the Bay Aream California.

“I am also an astrophysicist (I’m working in my final year and half of my PhD) and think the cosmic perspective can be inspiring and rich for a better tomorrow for humanity. Although really busy with my PhD work right now, I am doing my best to keep up with releasing music, playing live when I can, and finding a way I can mix my love of science with my need to be a songwriter and performer”.

There are so many interesting things to talk about Conner that I find kind of hard where to start, the first thing that caught my attention was the opening line of the track “I never saw you…”, one thing that we can easily relate because we always have someone in our lives that at least for a period goes under this circumstance, that person that is constantly there for us, helping, providing their love, time, presence and that seems like we just can’t be aware of all that persons is doing for us or that even worst and we take for granted, fortunately Conner did realize it, but sadly this was because an accident he suffers causing him a traumatic brain injury.

“About the track, it is about my partner and how for many years I didn’t see her as she really is–an amazing supporter, best friend, defender of me, and most importantly, the love of my life–my soul mate. She had often expressed to me that she has felt invisible in our relationship, but until recently had not registered with me”.

“Audiences should expect honesty and thoughtfulness in my music.” Conner Eko

But we all know that sometimes bad things have to happen, and these events make us wake up and see these other things that we were missing, the accident was the cause that Conner stop the way he was living his life mainly because he suffers strong headaches that preventing him to do almost anything, except writing and playing music.

“I had an interesting experience recently–I went through psychedelic integration therapy to confront my life-long battle with depression, but also to see if it would help my chronic headaches and migraines from recent concussions and post-concussion syndrome since current clinical trials show its potential for that as well. In my psychedelic experience, I overcame and “put to bed” a lot of personal struggles, grief, and trauma that has vexed me for my entire life”

Eko began to craft new songs and completed his debut single, “SINK” (Aug. 2021), which was then followed by the holiday track, “Christmas Morning Goodbye” (Dec. 2021), and later collaborated with DJ StoneBridge for the “Sink (StoneBridge Remix)” (June 2022), and now he’s newest release “I Didn’t See You At All (Live Acoustic)

“Another amazing revelation was finally realizing the love of my life and my soul mate was staring me in the face for the past 15+ years. Although we married and have had many great memories to date, I hadn’t been able to truly appreciate her and our life because of not loving myself and not seeing her for who she is. In my session, I saw her new, almost like the first time, and forgave her and myself for all past hurt and pain. I decided it was time to stop waiting for tomorrow as there was no need. Everything I had ever wanted was already here, I just had to open my eyes”.

I hope you enjoy as much as I do this particular story and obviously the track as well, is really outstanding the simplicity of the song, just Cooner and his guitar, his soft voice raises when realizing the mistakes made in the past and therefore asks for forgiveness delivering beautifully the heartfelt message that we can feel it in the bones, so waste no more time and stream now “I Didn’t See You At All (Live Acoustic)“!!!

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