This is a super exciting Punk track delivered with fierce ambition and youthful energy. “Faded Not Jaded” is the newest upcoming single by teen Punk band Detention, and it absolutely slams. OUT NOW!

What’s going on guys! it’s your Punk enthusiast, MadZen, and today I’m really pumped up after listening to this amazing single by this cool AF teenagers. I mean, come on, the guitarist / lyricist is just 15 yo. Pure, raw, young talent unspoiled by the grimy hand of adultness. Let’s get to it!

Detention is (now) one of my favorite Punk bands, and not only mine, a whole bunch of other people as well. New fans of Detention are actually driving 6+ hours to see them live. Can you believe that? Just wait to hear why! All the way from Akron, Ohio these kids are savage, talented, and a solid musical unity.

Faded Not Jaded” is a song about how different versions of you exist in everyone’s mind. It comes with a wall of detuned, high-gain guitars, an edge-of-the-cliff rhythm section, and an outstanding vocal performance, both melodious and gritty. Amazing riffs, brutal drums, solid bass and very good song-writing make of this track one hell of a banger that you just have to see it Live.

Here are some of Detention’s highlight achievements: They crushed the main stage at the local PorchRokr in Highland Square with an estimated 2,000+ fans crowd surfing and singing the lyrics. They just wrapped three of Elevation Group’s “Wonder” festivals in Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Columbus among headliners Duran Duran, Lorde, and the Lumineers. Their latest single ‘Good + Ready’ was a top played track on Faction Punk on Sirius XM, which follows-up heavy rotation of ’56 Minutes’. AND they WON this past Sunday September 25th the “Best Punk Band” by the Cleveland Music Awards and headlined their 3rd DEVO “Devotional” with band members Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale at the Beachland Ballroom.

Without a doubt a young musical promise and a band that we very much would like to hear more of. Detention is comprised of lead singer Elliott Carter (18), guitarist Evan Cox (15), bassist Fritz Dannemiller (19), and drummer Luke Konopka (16). Amazing job guys, horns up! So there you have it, my beautiful readers, make no mistake and:


“’Faded, Not Jaded’ is about everyone having a different version of you in their head. That version might change, but you’ll never be able to control or understand it. It makes you question lots of things,” says guitarist and lyricist Evan Cox (15).

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