Dale McPhail – “McPhailure” Album

This is a 10-track collection of beautifully humane Anti-folk tracks. “McPhailure” is an in-depth glimpse into this Scottish artist’s life filled with chilled acoustic songs, and deeply personal lyrics.


What’s going on everybody. Welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we will review this very nice guitar & vocals upcoming album. Brought to us by Dale McPhail, a Scottish singer-songwriter, this album is perfect for all you (Anti) Folk lovers. Let’s get to it!

Dale MchPhail is a singer-songwriter, book publisher, and firefighter based in Glasgow, Scotland. After releasing his first EP (DALE) and Christmas single (Lucifer’s Christmas – BBC Introducing/Amazing Radio), the artist is now preparing the debut of his first album ever.

McPhailure” is an intimate album presenting nothing else but a man and his guitar, singing melodies of heart-on-hand verses. 10 tracks with different personal thoughts and stories from Dale’s life. The whole album has a bitter-sweet energy that captivates the listener with an emotive delivery.

Tracks like “Start“, “Busy” and “My Town” share an exclusive insight into the artist’s upbringing, day to day, and even his own demons. Lyrics are carefully written, carrying a nice amount of sense of humor that contrasts with the heavy-hearted verses.

All in all, “McPhailure” is a very soothing, emotive, and relaxing music experience through and through that will hypnotize any new listeners. Fans of Bright Eyes might enjoy these songs, particularly the track “Box” or closing theme “Penicillin“.

To celebrate the launch, McPhail is touring throughout Scotland in October 2022. He’ll be joined by E.W. Harris – an alt-folk songwriter, producer, and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. A self-styled “Folktronicist” and “Dystopian Romantic.” 

The big launch party will take place at Inn Deep with support from the magnificent Linzi Clark. All shows are free.

21st – GLASGOW – INN DEEP with Linzi Clark

Don’t forget to support this project and to follow on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud, and Spotify. You can also check out his linktr.ee. If you enjoy his music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

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    1. Hey, Marc, I’m not really sure. That was MadZen, might be the sense of humor or the irony who knows, didn’t ask him but I guess that now I have to, right?

    2. So anitfolk is a “sub genre” or perhaps it’s visa versa to folk punk. To make a distinction between the two, to me, is really splitting hairs in my opinion, like as with “Death” vs. “Melodic Death” metal etc. But the overall ethos of folk punk / anitfolk is centered around songwriting more than “polish” or “flashy” skills. But ironic to the name, it is very “folky” sounding, in practice it’s actually more like anti-butt rock lol. My PNW point of refence for my favorite folk punk artists would be the likes of Andrew Jackson Jihad and my personal favorite Bridge City Sinners

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