Blueprint Tokyo’s new “Cinema Sounds” EP

This is a very nostalgic work of music with intense sounds and a beautiful retro landscape. “Cinema Sounds” by Blueprint Tokyo is a three-track EP that wonders with its sensibilities and old-school approach.



What’s going on everybody! Welcome back. It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we have the brand-new EP (you also can get you compact disc directly on Bandcamp) full of uplifting Indie Rock melodies, as well as catchy hooks. Brought to us by Blueprint Tokyo, an Oklahoma-based band, “Cinema Sounds” presents a rich landscape of dreamy sounds and lush vibes embedded with all the excitement of Indie Pop. Let’s get to it!

Blueprint Tokyo is an American duo from Oklahoma City and Alberta. Created by Kevin Dawson and Andrew Hale, these two are creating music described as “intense, tender and driving with inspired indie rock dreaminess”. That’s about as accurate as it gets, as BP’s music holds a clear nostalgic vibe, delivered with a solid passion and a fighting spirit.

Preceded by the recently released first single, Say Anything, “Cinema Sounds” is the perfect introduction for any new listeners. With this EP we can all discover what BP is all about, at least as they continue to evolve and grow as a duo. These three tracks have a lot in common with each other, as they all have that, as mentioned before, dreamy sound that beautifully portrays what these artists think about life.

The tracks that come in the album are “Say Anything”, “LaRusso”, and “Sailor Girl”. All of which deliver uplifting melodies and danceable rhythms, with vocals that remind me of The National without the melancholy! They also almost remind me of bands like Bloc Party, or even U2. The instrumentation is a solid drum beat, supported by a warm bass, rhythm and lead guitars, shimmering synths, and in the final track “Sailor Girl” you can even listen to a pleasing saxophone.

You can tell the attention to detail Blueprint Tokyo puts in each of its tracks. The entire EP stands as a whole, making it easy to listen to. Each melody and beat are carefully thought out and provided with the utmost finesse. Whether you’re into Indie Rock or not, I’m hoping all of you can find something that resonates within you in these tracks.


Blueprint Tokyo "Cinema Sounds" promo photo

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