Nick Noon Brings Out The Sunshine

Oddly convenient timing. That’s the category that my review for today falls into. See, I forgot to take some meds today at my usual time. It made for a pretty rough day. Was pretty busy too, which made my struggles that much more challenging. So what makes any of this oddly coincidental? Nashville’s Nick Noon was my pick me up. I had no idea that the review I was going to sit down and write about tonight was his new, uplifting, and currently unreleased (dropping November 25th) single, “Bring Out The Sunshine.”

I knew I had one to do in the pipeline. I knew that once I got through the normal ebbs and flows of the day, I was going to sit down, take in some music, ponder, and write. Outside of that, my mind was elsewhere. All I knew was that I needed to grind my way through and make it work. I also knew that today was probably not the day to review any Pantera. This does pose an interesting notion, however. When I’ve had bad days in the past, I used to reach for stuff like that. I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older that I actually enjoy the heavier stuff more when I’m in a good mood. These days, if it’s about truly feeling better, Nick Noon’s “Bring Out The Sunshine” is just what the doctor ordered. Void where prohibited, accepted by all insurances, ask your provider about it today!

The song is released ahead of, but will also be part of, a new upcoming EP. My first impressions upon hearing it was that musically it felt calming like a Pink Floyd vibe. Melodic like a Beatles song. Kind of more in the vein of “Oasis-adjacent,” particularly when it comes to the guitar solos. The production of the song is fantastic, making the song actual feel much more modern than the things it reminds me of.

An interesting fact about part of the production was that it was Mastered by Brian Lucey who also has also worked with Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, and many more renowned artists. The string arrangements are placed in all the right spots. As certain instruments drop off or come back in, including a breakdown or two of just drums and vocals, the way the strings fill the space makes for that “euphoric” type of dynamic.

It’s fitting that it is to come out the day after Thanksgiving. Insomuch as the artist puts it, it is indented to “take listeners on a sonic journey that will have people appreciating life a little bit more.” And here we are uplifting my spirits going into the holiday tomorrow. You can add “Nick Noon’s Music” to my list of things I am thankful for this year.

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    1. Thank you guys so much, that means a hell of a lot coming from you, I mean it that’s amazing. I appreciate the time you take to read it.

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