Temperature Falls – “Protagonist”

This album flows seamlessly through oceans of digital sounds, cinematic ambiences, and trip-hop inspired beats. “Protagonist” lives up to its name, delivering a wonderful Synth-Pop experiences with a wide plethora of tones that go from dark to moving.


What’s going on my dear friends. Welcome back. It’s me, your boy MadZen, and today we will delight our senses with a brand new album from this wonderful Oslo-based duo. A perfect soundtrack for a Goth-themed movie like The Crow, or Queen of The Damned. A magnetic sound, lush lo-fi textures, and mesmerizing vocals for days. Let’s get to it!

Temperature Falls is a super duo from Norway created by lyricist and vocalist Camilla and Ian Ian Ward, a multi-instrumentalist originally from Liverpool. Both of them have been working together for a while now, having already released three studio albums, and now they return with the fourth!

At times dreamy and immersive, at times raw and unapologetic, the pair makes music with a focus on exploring a huge range of styles. From trip-hop and synth wave to alternative rock, anything goes.

“Protagonist” is the title of their new album, and it is one in which they decided to really push their boundaries and create very sonically rich tracks. Not known for staying in the box, Temperature Falls have created a work of art that features a wide variety of influences and elements. From Trip-hop, to Electronica, to even New-Wave, Lo-fi, and Post-Rock.

Be sure to check all tracks, but specially “Apology”, “Hide”, “Reach”, “Lab Rat”, “Moment Of Loneliness”, and “Survivor”

One of the risks of making music this wide in variety is that the songs might turn up disconnected from each other, but in Protagonist this is definitely not the case. Each new track keeps connecting the last, unifying the dots as a perfect single unit stands tall in the end. Strong from its foundation, all the way to the final note.

Overall, lyrics are about a failing love, desperation, anger, desolation, and in the end, forgiveness. A complete ride that takes us under its spiral of heavily harmonized vocals, groovy drums, electronic ambiences, and glittering synths. This whole aura captivates and catches us, making us dance, move in circles, lifting us up and throwing us down in an almost cathartic dance.

What makes Protagonist special is definitely the fact that it showcases the duo’s diverse stylistic references, as well as signaling to their ability to blur the lines between various influences.

Subtle dark atmospheres, Industrial backgrounds, and pounding basses are also added to the table, making this album perfect for any Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Chvrches, Dead Rituals, and DIIV fans. A great listen from start to finish, so hit that play button now!


December 09th

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