9 O’Clock Nasty – “Rise Up”

Are the Nasty going romantic? Has fame gone over the raccoons’ heads? I don’t think so, but this song is definitely a huge turn away from their previous releases. Disclaimer, this song is NOT a Christmas song, but I think it most definitely should be.


Few times in life do we come across with a band with such resolve, willing to explore and go out of their comfort zone. Once you find your lane you should stay there, right? 9 o’clock Nasty says fuck that, and with this new upcoming track they are shifting the paradigm, the parabola, the parasol, and the paramedics. Does that make sense? No, but who cares.

“Rise Up” is a clean (??) and almost ACOUSTIC (?!) track by the raccoons. I mean, after all I’ve heard from them, clean and acoustic were never words I thought I’d use. But life acts in mysterious ways, and so does the now self-proclaimed British boy band… Goddamn, I love these guys.

The world is objectively a worse place. A scarier place. An increasingly threatening and uncomfortable place. Where are all the protest songs? Why are all the handsome and interesting-looking rock stars not inciting the masses to resist? No, we don’t know either, but we have decided to do something about it. We are now officially a BOY BAND, and this is our love-pop-power-ballad of insurrection.” – Nasty

Nice little riffs, vocal harmonies slightly out of tune, a solid drum beat and a clean bass present 9 O’Clock Nasty’s cleanest track up to date, and it is pretty good. This song wasn’t made for you to fight the system, but by all means please feel free to break a few plates in the Christmas diner.

We promised you new directions and new approaches and we were not kidding.”, the raccoons explain. What a wonderful spirit of creation, I guess they got touched by the festive spirits of Old, urging them to evolve and rise up from their previous form… or maybe their distortion pedals broke. Who knows?! Who cares…


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