Piper Cole – “Oh Honey”

Sometimes life itself can feel like it’s too much. Sometimes there’s nothing but heartbreak and hopelessness around, tough times drown you like a wave. But the wave always returns to the ocean, and there is always hope to be found. This is exactly what “Oh Honey”, Piper Cole’s newest single, is about. Finding that hope, seeking out for help, and being kind to one another. The Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer has this feeling of ‘it’ll pass, it’ll be okay’ front and center of her new music.

As the song takes form, the increasingly complex production shows itself more and more gorgeous with each new second. Exploring ambient sounds, softly strung guitars, and synths, this song feels richer than anything Piper released before showcasing that her talent as a writer and producer is getting stronger with each new release. Her sugary dream pop vocals appear to wash over the lush instrumentation like a river following its course, relentless and sure. Piper says that “Oh Honey” is supposed to be a song of comfort to us all, and that’s the feeling you get listening to it.

Between verses such as “You’ve been running for too long” and “You just gotta hang on”, the dreamy and ethereal single is about strength. When the world feels like collapsing around you, this song is about finding your own inner strength in the smallest things and knowing that you don’t have to face anything alone. We’re all here on this planet to help each other in any way we can and Piper Cole’s music does just that. It helps, it makes things feel bearable because everything is fleeting – the bad times as well.

A beautiful reminder of the ephemerality of life, “Oh Honey” feels like the first sip of coffee in the morning; bittersweet and comforting, that both relaxes and awakens you.


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