Incredible Alec Berlin epic “Minir Maad”

Alec Berlin is back. Stranded in the middle of sandy nowhere, you’re in need of finding civilization and, with it, the way home. Running on very limited supplies and surrounded by exotically titled locations, even the soundtrack to this journey takes an exotic name and a sound so distinctly fitting a desert with all its hidden dangers. This is Minir Maad, a lone explorer’s soundtrack and a new single coming from Alec Berlin.

Running like title music for an epic adventure, “Minir Maad” is a splendid instrumental guitar tune that paints vivid imagery of a red desert sunset and the complete, utter solitude that lands on the person lost in the scene. Speedy like the person running with time, the shiny guitar chords have a fabulous western hint to them. With nothing but endless sand and desert shrub surrounding you and the fear of death lurking behind, the growing immediacy of this song is a solid hit in the core.

During the writing of this song, Alec Berlin was reading a Paul Bowles novel called “The Sheltering Sky”, and while it was originally a little simple experiment of minor chords, after a while the song-in-progress started expanding into something of an adventure scale. That was ultimately underlined by an accidental typo in the file name, turning the name of the experiment “Minor Mod” into something quite a lot more exotic. Thus, inspired by the equally exotic-sounding places found in the novel, the song became “Minir Maad”.

Born in Ohio and now living in New York as an actively gigging artist, Alec Berlin is a skilled guitarist with lots of experience working on Broadway. He’s been releasing music since his debut LP in 2000 and his works range from the smooth sounds of original jazz to infinitely energetic alternative rock. His most recent work, where “Minir Maad” and a recent single “Patchen Avenue” come from, is a collection of what the artist calls instrumental singer-songwriter music. There would be space for lyrics, but Alec’s masterful songwriting skills and the way he manages to make the guitar sing omit any need for words. The story is there and it’s told throughout the whole song.

Minir Maad is out now

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