9 O’Clock Nasty new single “Too Cool”

Sometimes the only answer, the only response that makes sense, is to strip naked, cover yourself in thick, stinking, oil and scream to the sky. After 2022, “The Year of Stupidity”. 9 o’clock Nasty welcome 2023 with a kick to the nuts, TOO COOL. A stripped down snarl. Raw flesh, pulsing blood with a beat to kill for.


I mean, I could write a short description for this track, but theirs is just too cool… What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your cool boy, MadZen. It is a brand new year! Hooray! Congratulations if you’ve made it this far, I hope you had an amazing time with your loved ones. A new year means new music, and we are kick-starting 2023 in the coolest way possible. A brand new Nasty track! Let’s get to it!

Man, every time I think I’ve figured out the Nasty they always return with more and more ways to surprise me. “Oh, no you don’t”, they say to me with every new single. So what’s next? More gritty garage rock tracks with sexual innuendoes? Perverted hymns of unholy sacraments? Well, I’ll tell you, their next track is, once again, their best track yet.

Too Cool” is a celebration of infamy in a libertine paradise of glorious hedonism. Too cool to die, too cool to live. A Rock and Roll track with a beat to die for with a raw, uninhibited groove created by maniacs. This track marks the first collaboration ever of the Nasty with Quebecois music producer Hugo GT, a man with 6 strings where his raw black heart should be, and the cultural awareness of an aroused weasel doped up on illegal substances.*

A polished sound in a Nasty song? You bet! It can only get better. One might think that the lo-fi textures of 9 O’Clock’s previous tracks were what gave them their essence. One might be wrong. For as much as we’ve learned to love the Nasty’s DIY creations, this new “professionally” produced track takes the Leicester trio’s sound to a whole other level. You better hang on, hang tight, or simply… let go. So, LISTEN NOW!

We wrote an expansive rock classic. He [Hugo GT] took our beautiful song and twisted and tortured it beyond recognition. We thank him for his service, but we would never sit next to him on a bus.” – These maniacs

*This is not true, obviously. He has a heart where his heart should be. But he is a monster.


9 o'clock nasty

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