Michael Donoghue & Pulses “Infant”

Two music producers found each other’s work through the power of the Internet. Loving and supporting each other’s music soon led them to start sending works to each other, initially for remixing reasons. But soon enough, the pair of producers ended up collaborating. “Infant” is the perfect example of such collaboration between two, in this case quite different artists.

The producers are Michael Donoghue, a Jersey-based musician making ambient minimal works, and his friend Pulses, who’s hailing from the Midlands, where he’s making groovy rhythmic dance tunes. There’s a visible contrast in the music these artists produce, but when they decided to start collaborating earlier this year, their combined efforts turned out to become a pretty amazing release full of rhythm and atmosphere – their debut release called “Infant”.

Home to 8 songs with total runtime of almost 42 minutes, “Infant” brings forth a blend of several different genres of electronica combined with smooth spacious soundscapes. There’s a perfect balance between the beats and the ambient bits, making “Infant” a pleasurable listening experience for all fans of electronic music. No matter whether you prefer drum&bass or techno, or vibe with the chillout side of electronica, this album will have you covered.

The album has a strong beginning full of beats, modified vocals, and a distinctly futuristic feel. An example, “Confirm Humanity” starts off with a relatively laid-back journeying feeling before turning the breaks to 11 and becoming an electrifying drum&bass tune with jabbing bass synths. There’s also plenty of ambience such as the flowing “Timeline Ghost”, a tune with very minimal breaks making it feel like journeying through an alien landscape, as well as plenty of dancy songs inviting you to get your groove on, like the distinctly upbeat “Present Absence” and sparkling “Realiser”.

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