JUNK – “Chromatose”

Not sure if the 2005 animated film Robots inspired the title of this virtuoso band. JUNK is the eclectic fusion project of bassie music theorist Aaron “Dubl A” Seener from Long Island, New York, and saxophonist Dale “Dirty D” Pearson from San Diego, California. Hailing from the opposite corners of the United States, JUNK combines jazz with funk and the magical powers of the duo on their tools of expression. Their latest debut EP Chromatose features five super tight songs and runs for sixteen marvelous minutes.


Saxophone virtuoso Dirty D describes the project as:

The band JUNK plays its own original music made first to satisfy the musicians that make it. We blend styles to make us feel good when we listen to it. Chromatose is the first track on our new EP. During the Covid lockdowns we lost all of our gigs due to venue closedowns. This song started as just an fun Jazz, Bass and Drum track but then over time during the lockdown it mutated into this wandering story of music.

In the end we had used so many techniques, genres, instruments and ideas in the song that in the end it was like going into a state of a trance as the chromatic scale brings you down the story to the end where we drop into a full classical string style with a piano and standup double bass played with a bow by Dubl A the bass master. It kind of brings you down from the start of the song and slides you into a coma LOL. Chromatic Scale + Comatose type reaction = Chromatose.

The EP begins with the title track Chromatose. We get some catchy trumpet and vocal-led intro section. This soon turns into some apt use of synths and riffs. The perfect blend of horn section with the apt production and a thundering bass line keeps you hooked to this song. A saxophone solo. Acoustic guitars and pianos form the coda of the song completely changing the mood of the song from heavy jazz funky to serene contemplation and heart warm with strings. The intro itself is a volcanic banger!

None Other Than Dirty D is the second track. With some spoken word and a sexy bass line, we are catapulted into saxophone lines and a magnificent arrangement that will give you a run for your listening time. The addition of distorted guitars to the refrain of the main motif is a heavenly blend. Set to a compelling electronic beat, the alchemy of the diverse production is magical.

The third song Chill Pill commences with sax and a mysterious backdrop. The prominent bass line grants us some fiery riffs as the sax builds on it. Piano lines then populate this canvass, creating a sweet catchy melody. The chord progression and changes are jazzy in feel and cerebral while being smoky. Set to electronic percussion, the blend of saxophone and other elements makes this an amazing listen.

The band blends all genres from jazz, and funk, to hip-hop, classical, and punk to stunning effect! Bass and Sax weave nothing short of wizardry on this record. With the optimum mix of technique and accessible musical approach along with cerebral but fresh lively musical expression, this EP is a mesmerizing piece of art. Sonic narcotics, of the most dangerous (but safe), variety is indeed the best term for this aural journey.

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