Laughing In Slow Motion – “Cabin Fever”

Cabin Fever is a dazzling alternative rock ballad by Canadian alternative rock band Laughing In Slow Motion.


The band consists of Kiel Burwell on Vocals/Guitar, Alex Tait on Guitar, Jason Norman on Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals, and Matthew Stolarik on Drums. This five-minute song will leave you mesmerized.

Before that do check out the music video for their previous song Ahead of the Game. The video features the band playing along with visuals of them overcoming their hooded shadows’ negative thoughts among other symbolism.

Coming to Cabin Fever now! Beginning with a hypnotic contemplative nocturnal acoustic guitar riff with some effects and synths laid on top. You are then hit with the high-note vocal throw of the vocals, which already sets the song apart. The verses build on the flow of the lyrics and rhythm. Then with a smooth drum fill, we move into the hummable emotional chorus with the apt amounts of bass and drums playing their key parts. The bridge consists of chorus-drenched rhythm guitars and an incredibly memorable vocal refrain and motif. The song was written by vocalist Kiel during the first lockdown amidst a period of turmoil and self-discovery.

Kiel, our lead singer, wrote this song in the first leg of lockdown for the covid 19 pandemic.  It was the first time he and anyone he knows had ever experienced a global shut down and panic of this kind.  With little to be sure of, the waiting and the fear were hard on everyone in the world. To a degree. The hurt to businesses and the economy as a whole, and people being careless and selfish, putting higher risk people at deaths door. This was all weighing on him after over a month of uncertainty (and little did he know, over 2 years more to come). This song poured out of him after he made the conscious decision to fight back without trampling the rights of others, and do better through it all… a decision to work hard to persevere and overcome the ensuing hardships, the fear of the unknown and just live his life free from toxic people and media fear mongering.  Misinformation was, and is rampant everywhere, about everything… but there is nothing more harmful than misinformation based on science and the health and well being of many different peoples bodies and the varying reactions to things every individual has… many people don’t care what damage they cause when they choose some ridiculous hill to die on for a cause they barely understand.  For many it’s merely about being right.  And in their mind they are… even if they’re not.  And that is a scary reality to face with billions of other people around them on the planet.

It’s not always about being right. The best thing you can offer others is understanding. Being an active listener is about more than just listening, it is about reciprocating and being receptive to somebody else.  But that doesn’t happen much anymore.  Everyone just wants to be right, or offended, or a combination of both…

The battle will never be over, and for us these events solidified the concept that humanity will always choose to be divided, because we always feel we have to choose a side.

The song provides a cathartic experience for listeners who have similar experiences through its musical elements. We get a stunning musical narrative with the sonic elements, evoking raw emotions of heartache and longing/ With its mellow guitar riffs and haunting vocals, the song creates a compelling atmosphere that resonates with listeners. The song’s emotive quality makes it a touching and memorable piece, has a raw post-grunge sound that is gonna hit you with a sweet nostalgic and uplifting feeling. This is a post-grunge alternative rock ballad that speaks to struggles and overcoming them.

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