Major Kami / SJ Hawley (Massive Attack) – “Wild Bo…”

Yet another amazing and outstanding release by the French collective DAMde8 and Canadian artist Major Kami. Now with the mind-blowing collaboration of one of England’s most legendary singers: SJ Hawley. “Wild Bo…” is a three-track EP of Bowie-inspired songs dedicated to the late artist.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your wild boy, MadZen, and today I’m truly delighted to write about such a wonderful upcoming EP, as it is (once again) a beautiful work of art brought to us by these super collaborators. Denis Expert (producer, co-writer, co-composer), Major Kami (singer, co-writer), Dan Burkhart (arranger, technician, sound engineer, co-composer), “SJ” Hawley from Massive Attack (album Mezzanine), and designer credit Artontax (Netherlands) who designed this Bowie exclusively for this EP, have come together thanks to a beautiful cosmic alignment and the result is out of this world. Let’s get to it!

“Wild Bo…” comes with three tracks, starting with the same-titled track. “Wild Bo…” is a composition co-written by Hawley and it is truly amazing. It almost feels as if Massive Attack just released a new track, and so the experience becomes quite surreal. What stands out more, of course, are Hawley’s vocals, but the big low bass of the track delivers such a deep listening experience that carries you away to another time. By the way, this one will come with a very trippy and artistic music video coming up on Youtube on January 29th.

SJ Hawley

We continue with “Smuggle In The Strange”, with lyrics written by Major Kami, as requested by Denis, using a trick called “cut up”, well known to David Bowie. Such a technique was created by the writer William S Burroughs, and it has been used by many artists since then. The track resulted in a very atmospheric experience, with strange electronic sounds, and Major Kami’s big, majestic vocals. An out-of-body experience!

I printed off Bowie’s biography from his website and began reading, highlighting anything cool that popped up!

– Major Kami

Finally, the EP closes with a wonderful cover of Bowie’s Modern Love. Twisted to fit the modern world, using more electronica-oriented production techniques that bring new life to such a classic. As Denis puts it, “The general idea of the concept is not to copy the genius that was David Bowie but to use him as inspiration to talk about his life while letting you take over in your own way.” It’s such a beautiful re-imagination of the track, and one which I believe Bowie himself would be very proud of.

So waste no more time, and


By the way, a full album is coming up in April/May 2023. So better stay tuned!

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