Das Elite – “Landslide”

A reflective and atmospheric double single, accompanied by 4 very good remixes. “Landslide” mixes electronica with New-Wave elements, taking us on an emotional and ethereal ride.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today I’m super hyped for these brand-new singles. A double single release brought to us by a great Swedish producer inspired by a moody and rainy night. Let’s get to it!

Das Elite is the solo project of renowned Swedish producer and mixer Andreas Ahlenius. Working with so many international gold – and platinum-selling artists over the years, Andreas sees DAS ELITE as a getaway, a creative output, and a project maneuvering in its own emotional soundscape, allowing electronic melancholy to set the tone.

“Landslide” opens up with a self-titled track. An introspective, moody track carried by emotive pianos, pads, and synths. Heartbreak seems to be the main theme, but it was actually inspired by a lack of sleep after returning home from a very long drive in bad weather.  “I opened all the windows to the storm and wanted to write a moody bonus track to the single “Torment”…and suddenly I had Landslide more or less written,” Andreas explains. You can actually listen to that night’s storm at the end of the track.

The second single is “Align”, another downtempo-style track but not as melancholic. It is actually a lot more spaaacey, lifting us up and making us feel weightless, floating across an infinite and timeless universe. Somehow it made me think of David Bowie, more specifically “Space Oddity” or “Heroes”.

Again very late I was reading in bed when this idea just came, a small melody line. So I instantly got up and started to make a simple demo and wrote the lyrics. I imagined something dystopian, but still beautiful, when you’re high up on a mountain or a roof with someone you feel comfortable with in the silence and the beauty of the night. Even if everything around you has fallen apart, that kind of moment in peace was how I proceeded producing the track“. – Das Elite

Track 1 was remixed by four different and very talented producers. While all of them are very good, my favorites are the ones from Magnus Moody and Chateau Noir, in that order. They are excellent and, me being a more uptempo kind of guy, they both hit right in my key. So, yeah, I very much enjoyed them, and I hope you do too! So,


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