Alec Berlin upbeat new single “Beat Confabulator”

The eclectic Alec Berlin has just released a new single titled “Beat Confabulator” on 02-16-2023. It marks the tenth song in a cataloging that began with ROYBBIV back in May of 2022 in which Berlin remarkably underwent a streak of dreaming the songs and writing them from the subconscious for a month. The compilation of tunes, as a project, is titled “Space Punk and other Junk.” This latest release flexes some of Alec Berlin’s “prog” sensibilities in my opinion.

It is punchy and rhythmically sophisticated, emitting funky Prince-type vibes. And if you happened to catch LT1KF’s write-up of his release last month for “LaNoise” you’d also be in the know that Berlin’s work carries an ethos of guitar-laden, mind-bending, instrumentals. No vocals. “Beat Confabulator” follows suit and it’s upbeat, funky, spacey chops were a perfect Saturday morning compliment with my breakfast and several cups of coffee. Bandcamper alert! The song was published on Bandcamp today as well. Check it out:


Based on what I was writing about last month with Berlin’s previous single, “Beat Confabulator” was a bit of a surprise to me. It’s not a complete abandonment of what he released last month that featured very cool chicken-picking and country licks, rather, it’s more like a testament to just how versatile his guitar work is. Berlin specifically cites “nods” to New Orleans, Prince, and Pat Metheny on this track. It must be an overall effect of the subliminal musings, as Berlin admittedly expressed that as he progressed through tracking, editing, and finalizing each song he found himself in constant surprise:

“Even though I knew the music really well, it kept developing in ways that I never expected. From early demos, to live performance, to basic tracking, to overdubs, to mixing and mastering – at each step the music took on greater depth and

Alec Berlin

Space Punk and Other Junk” is Berlin’s fourth collection of works in his catalogue. The boundaries are limitless in this collection of instrumentals that is highly recommended for fans of excellent guitar work and instrumentals.

“A punchy, rhythmic track that moves through a few different sections but always stays connected to the groove. Includes nods to New Orleans, Prince, and Pat Metheny!” Alec Berlin

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