Occurrence new single “Universe Moves So Fast”

Back once again and carrying momentum from their last single “Fudge,” Occurrence is releasing the third single from the upcoming double album “Slow Violence.” The release date is set for 02-21-2023 and the title of the track is “Universe Moves So Fast.” Featuring guitar work from actor Peter Mark Kendall (from TV’s “The Americans”); “Universe Moves So Fast” is an expressive earshot of electronic experimentalism. Similarly, “Fudge,” and the new single possesses an industrial type of synthesized intensity musically (arranged and performed by Ken Urban) but are carried along by ambient, almost avant-garde vocal melodies performed by Cat Hollyer and Johnny Hager.


Pun totally intended, much like a slow violence, if you will. In “Universe Moves So Fast,” Hagar is at the forefront of lead vocals this time, whereas in “Fudge” Hollyer was more front and center of the vocal line. Bandcampers take note, while the singles are “waterfalling” into streaming services, the band does have a Bandcamp page to keep an eye on for when the album drops April 7th, 2023. Itching to hear what’s in the pipeline now though? Do not fret! You can hear stream the two singles early and pre-save the new single slated for release (once again, on February 21st) prior to release of the album.


The lyrics were penned by Ken Urban, stating that they are about loss and our deep fear of it. Conceptually inspired by a Spanish phrase, that as I interpret it, seems kin to the wrong end of our American saying “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…”

“There is a saying in Spanish that says ‘inocente palomita que te dejaste engañar,’ which translates to ‘Naive little pigeon, you’ve let yourself be fooled.’ It is usually something you say on April Fool’s Day in Mexico, but here Ken repurposed it to be about when you think your hard work is going to pay off and then failure slaps you in the face.”

Johnny Hagar

Interesting the underlying tone, it certainly fits the intensity of the instrumentation and arrangement. Vocally Cat and Johnny’s vocals sound so soothing and melodically beautiful. Another super cool thing to keep tabs on about this song in particular, is that Urban is also incorporating it into a play he is currently working on titled, “The Tenure Itch,” a name derived from a song by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

The nature of the upcoming Occurrence album is not only experimental but according to the band a step further into introspection in which they’ve expressed being extremely proud of the record, but also “a little bit scared of it.” In the creative process, they went down a rabbit hole of exploration into dark subject matter, explicit sexual expression, as well as the joys of love. The album features a cast of external contributors, in addition to Peter Mark Kendell on this latest effort, as well as being mostly mixed by Kiri Stensby, A.K.A. Hara Kiri, and mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Jessica Thompson.

“This album feels like we’re really ripping into some intense shit,” he adds. “That is exciting, but also sometimes when I listen back to the record, I’m just like, ‘oh my God, do I want people to hear this?’ It’s a bit scary to be honest.”

Johnny Hagar

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