Pressure new story metal track “All The Things”

Pressure, the phenomenal Swedish fiery melodic heavy metal band, introduces us to their latest single All The Things. The new sexy and compelling hard rock anthem “All The Things” marks the new beginning for Pressure and follows the newly released album “In A Dark Heart We Trust” which up until today has over 250k streams.


The Stockholm band is unique with its intense, emotionally-charged music that also explores the balance of existence. Simply calling Pressure’s sound melodic rock does not do it justice. They call their music story metal since it is centered on storytelling and stories.

Lead vocalist Olli Violet from Pressure

The song begins with a very catchy vocal refrain and a sweet heavy intro section. The bridge section with its gritty vocals by Belarusian lead vocalist Olli Violet and backing by Olof Jönsson really pushes the buttons on the heaviness of the track followed by a fine guitar solo taking us to the final chorus. The song lyrically deals with themes of living dangerously and biting the forbidden fruit. No wonder, Pressure has accrued millions of streams on Spotify and garnered several awards for their blazing music.

Their music features soaring guitars, driving beats, and powerful vocals that create a high-energy and dynamic musical experience. The song has memorable, melodic hooks and catchy choruses that are anthemic. Formidable bass lines form the harmonic and rhythmic backbone of the song combined with tighter keys and drums. The song reminds me of the best days of catchy hard rock songs of the 80s with great hooks and a heavy arrangement without sacrificing the core songwriting such as by The Scorpions. All The Things by Pressure is a volcanic rock song that would smash that replay button!

“All The Things” was written to reflect on the uncompromising urge that passion and yearning can inflict. When you meet someone and your mind tells you one thing, your heart also wants you to slow down but your body needs something else. Forbidden? Bad? no, just the urge that makes you do all those things, both good and bad, that bring life and meaning and passion to your life, because what would life be without some danger, a little naughty, a little dirty and a some good experiences? “All The Things” will help you take a leap into some new and exciting experiences. Let’s live life on the dangerous side a bit!”


Due Out February 24!


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