An electrifying collection of tracks, this new album from the Swedish rockers brings back the high-octane experience of Melodic Rock sounds and Heavy Metal mixed together. A perfect concoction for fans of Judas Priest, Motley Crüe, and Saxxon. In A Dark Heart We Turst OUT NOW!!!

Hello everybody and welcome back! I hope you are ready for this New Music Friday. We will start today with the brand new album by the Swedish band, Pressure. A Melodic Rock band with Heavy Metal attitude that hits like a nuclear bomb! Smoking hot guitars, high-reaching vocals, smoldering bass, and earthquaking drums come together in power dance that will stupefy your senses.

The theme of the album is about all the ordinary relationships that we all have to live with, endure, and cherish throughout our existence. Pressure thinks that every relationship can be hard to handle but it also can be almost perfect happiness, and in a very poetic way they say:

“We all long for love that is unconditional, a state of being all our own. We strive to understand who we are, the face behind the masquerade we’ve always shown. We long to be ourselves but being wanted is a stronger drug. We pretend in order to be liked, tucked into our façade so snug. There comes a time we must awaken and shake off the dust. It’s time we listened to our spirit, IN A DARK HEART WE TRUST.” – Pressure

The album is filled with a lot of heavy bangers, where Rock N’ Roll, metal and even spoken verses come together. Delivering the vocals are Olof Jönsson and Olli Violet, an outstanding duo that shines due to the contrast they create. Olof sings the gritty, low-reaching vocals while Olli sings the melodic verses with a powerhouse voice.

You will hear tracks like “Pressure”, the self-titled opening track that immediately tosses at us the explosive melodies and ground shaking rhythms. Tracks like Is “Is This Who You Are” and “Behind Closed Doors” that stand out ’cause of their anthemic nature and super-sonic qualities. “Get A Real Job” and “Angel Of Lightning” make waves with high-reaching choirs that could be easily compared with the cry of a Banshee.

Brand new video released May 19th, 2022.

There is A LOT of energy in the album and A LOT of tracks ready to be heard by you, so if you’re into the genre and have a taste for something new hit that PLAY button right now!

Pressure is:

Simon Forsell – Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals and Drums. Emil Salling – Guitars. Olof Jönsson – Male Vocals. Olli Violet – Female Vocals. Ignacio Arrúa – Bass.

Album Produced by Izzy Ander

Cover Artwork by Hz Graphics

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