Filip Dahl Makes a Strong Statement by Asking: “Can You See the World”

Filip Dahl, a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Norway, is always exploring new musical territory. His most recent single on this voyage, “Can You See the World,” reflects more of his prog rock side than some of the previous, bluesy rock-inspired anthems.

The song begins subtly, with an electric piano and a clean-sounding guitar, nicely touched with chorus, dynamically and gradually increasing in intensity and power. After a pretty abrupt tempo change at the two-and-a-half-minute mark, its finale is a fairly heavier style.

Him sporting a Dream Theater shirt in the video is a foreshadowing of the ambiance and vibe it takes. Different than the last time I wrote about his work (“Walking to Eternity“); Dahl puts down vocals to the track. A pleasant surprise, as I was under the impression that his work was primarily guitar-oriented instrumentals. He does well vocally, which should be of no surprise considering his detail-oriented precision approach to compositional writing.


Can You See the World” was written lyrically with an intention of making a statement about how unpredictable society we live in has turned out to be as a result of ego-driven politicians. Politics itself is complex and misguided, in my opinion, but the premise is relatable and straightforward: what kind of world does this leave our subsequent generations?

This time around, in terms of videography, Filip is seen performing different parts of the tune in his recording studio. The video was captured by his wife Hilde Fossum as the track was being recorded.

Filip began his musical career in the 1970s as the lead guitarist in numerous Norwegian rock bands before developing into a renowned engineer and record producer. During the 1980s and 1990s, he was one of the key founders and proprietors of Trondheim’s highly esteemed and prosperous Brygga Studio.

He took a self-imposed hiatus from the music industry at the start of the new millennium but has returned in full force as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter. An accomplished and experienced player, I would recommend his music for fans of Joe Satriani and particularly in this case, fans of Dream Theater.

Filip Dahl Can You See The World

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